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TL1000s riders in PDX? - New to the forum

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by NateB, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hey! I've been living in Portland for a little over a year- transplanted from Baltimore.

    Any Tl1000s riders in the area?
  2. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    Yup. There are a few around here...

  3. Nice a widow makers club!!
  4. Apparently the TL1000 riders didn't actually ride them because those bikes are instant death. Or maybe the club members are zombies?
  5. I have yet to meet my demise behind the bars. Maybe twelve years ago the TL was a "widow-maker." Lately, I've even overheard it called a sport-touer.
  6. Pretty much is a sport tour these days. Mine sure doesn't get ridden much any more, though at over 80k miles, it's served it's purpose.
  7. Thought all those things got crashed years ago?
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I have it's younger brother....the SV1000S. Vtwins rock!

    Post needs moar pics.
  9. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    The one and only!
  10. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader


    My "R" counts in that club, I believe... :devil:
  11. Just got back from a 2700 mile trip to Laguna (by VERY circuitous routes) on my SV1000S. I've got a GSXR front end on the beast - the lost coast loop beat the crap out of me, I thought I was gonna die! In truth, we go on a long trip every year on our SV's - they're fine as sport touring machines.
  12. Do any of you have any experience setting up suspension settings? I'm not new to riding, but I am not always the most mechanically inclined and have never set a suspension myself, outside of adjusting preload.
    The stock suspension on the TLS doesn't make it easier.

    I've read all the resources, but any other help would be awesome.

    I do work at a certain well-known doughnut shop in Portland and can compensate with endless decorated-dough.
  13. I miss my TL's some times....
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