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To the guys in the Porsche yesterday

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by LilNinjaLVR, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. I can't race you on I-205!!! Dorks!
  2. Sure you can especially if there is heavy traffic. Not very safe, fun, or recommended though.

  3. I think this belongs here; easily confused though
  4. I doubt they will ever see your post.
  5. For a second, thought it was me they were referring to. However, I don't take the 911 to Vancouver or have I ever thought I could beat a motorcycle in it.

    Unless I was trying to get some titty shots.
  6. People crack me up. I had a Lambo come up side to side next to me on Mill Plain at probably 4 or 5 stoplights one evening last year between 205 and 164th The guy kept revving the thing up trying to get me to race him. A Baby Blue Lambo no less...and not metallic.

    I was on the Ninja 650R and I was seriously cracking up and shaking my head in amazement. I think that probably ticked him off more...

    Number 1: Who buys a robins egg blue Lambo...
    Number 2: Who thinks they could seriously race on freaking Mill Plain
  7. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    You rev back at him and act like you're gonna launch hard..... then you putt away and watch him haul ass and get a ticket! :)
  8. Fix't it for ya :mrgreen:
  9. Ya think??? Just sharing sarcastic energy to those who have had similar dorks try to race their bikes...Soooo much better than another 'rider down' thread!

    ; )
  10. YES!!! Someone who gets it!!! Goofy people always doing stupid shit just cuz they see a sportbike!!! Imma girl with a backpack just worked 12hours...been awake x 15 hours but the throttle is STILL more responsive than his foot!!! Oh...and Imma slow rider! Who the hell indeed buys a robin egg blue ANYTHING? Doh!
  11. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    LOL! Robin Egg Blue rocks......only on a Rizla though.
  12. Ok my bad...there is THAT exception!!!
  13. I've done that before, never laughed so hard in my life crackup:
  14. Yeah I did play with an Austin Martin on 14 the other day.
  15. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed


    Worked for me on 'Clearwater street'. Joker on a GSXR. Gotcha!:evil4:
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Gay guys?
  17. I used to think that was funny, and might even entertained such thoughts, but that was before tonight. I don't ever want to even passively encourage someone to "race" or speed.

    I had something happen tonight that changed my mind. About 7:15 I was heading for O'Reilly's, & went to turn R (east) on 4th Plain from Z street. I looked west to ensure there were no cars coming..totally clear. No sooner had I almost finished turning (in my car) into the outside lane when a little silver car came flying by so fast it scared the hell out of me. The bastard had to be doing at least 80mph. I took out my cell to call 911, hoping to hell the cops could catch him before something bad happened. I was just starting to describe what had happened as he sped up the road. I saw the car momentarily leave the road with a cloud of dust on the South side of 4th Plain about 1/2 mile east of me...only a few seconds had passed.

    I came upon that part of the road to see the horrifying sight of someone lying face down on the sidewalk, not moving. Bunches of people were around and trying to slow traffic down, talking on their phones too. The 911 operator told me she'd just had other calls come in.

    I found out later the poor woman had died. I felt sick seeing her and knowing also how close I'd come to getting nailed by this cretin.

    Fortunately, someone was able to follow the guy and lead the cops to his home. The asshole is in jail now and hopefully he stays there.

    On a lighter note, I don't think a gay guy would buy a robin's egg blue car. Gay guys have far better fashion sense than that.
  18. You like robins egg blue rolling papers!?!?! WEIRD!

    (okok...yes I did see the reference but the rolling papers were the first 3 that came up...this place is so datgummit edumacatin'!)
    Last edited: May 4, 2012
  19. People like to forget this point...
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