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TOR Sunday

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by stickxb, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Don't forget TOR Sunday (feed ur Addiction):mrgreen:

  2. we had a fair turnout of riders today. Good t see...

  3. Il be there slow again lol could use someone to follow learn some lines and body position
  4. Ask one of the control riders to show you around.
  5. I talked to rob hes going to help me out
  6. Does anyone know who was taking photos at TOR on sat?
  7. Yea i have a guys card il post the link up in afew. Also sorry for being slow lol i got passed many times.
    But i was going faster today and leaning more
  8. he said photos should be up thursday
  9. Back off your rebound a click or two.
  10. will do i just need to have it dialed in for me away.
  11. Sounds like someone has the bug :mrgreen: Now lets go do a track day and really have some fun:mfclap: By the way dont worry about how fast or slow u ride, just have fun and learn.
  12. Well might need a motor first when i pulled in at the checker flag my bike started making a bad noise... il have a vid soon i think it might be the pos man cam tensioner the guy put in it before i bought it. I hope its not the bottom end since i missed shift afew times on the front straight because i adjusted the shifter to what i thought would be better for my a* boots...
  13. How can you tell? What features on the tire point to that? Not challenging you, just trying to pick up some knowledge....
  14. Some video I took with my phone right near the bridge over the main straight.

    Can't see the bikes too well but I was mainly wanting to get the sound which was amazing. All the different bikes out on the track with their own distinctive sounds was really cool.
  15. Last edited: Jul 23, 2012
  16. I moved my shifter back in the spot now i just need check the timing chain tensioner. And do a track day to learn more. Btw the back straight still freaks me out lol
  17. TOR was a hoot! Saw myself a couple times in your video bwboley! Thanks for sharing.
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