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Track Day at Spokane Raceway Park=FREE

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Well kind of...July 30/31 at SRP NESBA(Northeast Sportbike Assoc.) is having another trackday. If you've never done a trackday you can do the first two sessions of the "introductory" group for free.

    If you choose to stay for the day you pay the full amount...but if you join NESBA and pay the $75 get a $75 discount on your trackday.

    Having done several NESBA trackdays I recommend this organization 110%! They run a well organised, safe, fun day.

    Feel free to pm me with questions.

  2. you doing it on the bird Jon or the 954???????

  3. Hmmmm.... that might be doable.... my full leathers should arrive by then, I can pick up a few extra tires in the mean time, and school will end a day or two before.... :mrgreen: ... leaving for the Rubicon one of those days tho - if that permits - I'm there!

  4. At this point I'm thinking about a half day on 'Bird and the second half on the 'Blade...

  5. Sweet i dont have any leathers though, i need to get some pants and boots.

  6. Did you say Rubicon?[​IMG]
  7. I have you covered for gear Brian!

  8. right on. how is the old green thing runnin with the new carb dude? we need to go play ant 7 mile some time.
  9. Is that the Team Green jeep?
  10. I did say Rubicon... going down there with a buddy and his CJ5 until Aug 10th or 12th or something like that. We are supposed to leave either the 29th, 30th, or 31st... All i know, is there is going to be a lot of fucking SWEET Jeeps - and I get to wear very little clothing and ride around in them ALL DAY LONG and video tape, and take pictures, and read the map, etc.

    I am planning on getting my own in the spring though. Already started looking into it. I know I want a CJ7 - and I want is as barely street legal as possible, and build primarily for rock crawling - something like this:
    Are you going down there as well? If so, you have to get in touch and meet up. Sweet!!! Jeeps are my new turn on, second to bikes, so I love meeting new people that are into it as well.
  11. The "H2 Extraction Team" Jeep is going down to the Rubicon first week of August. :thefinge: Cascade 4x4's is doing a club trip.


    Started pulling apart suspension last weekend to do SOA before trip. Anyone have a welder?

    This will be my second trip.
  12. For the 2 introductory sessions, is it still full gear?
  13. Do you guys wheel around here too? I am in a lifted woody wagoneer(cherokee body) on black steelies. I wheel outside of potlatch abit and I am always lookin for more people to wheel with..give me a honk or a wave if you see me..edit - Sorry for off topic. I get excited.
  14. looks like we may need a "riders with Jeeps" forum.

    Soul - haven't done any wheeling around this area since there really isn't much. Once I get back from the Rubicon will probably be making plans to go over to Naches for Labor day weekend.

  15. Intro class requires Jeans(two pairs reccomended, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, and a full face helmet. Only bike prep is taping over the brake light. Your bike must pass tech as well,(good tires, brake function, general safe condition.)

  16. How often is an intro class offered? I would be interested in taking one. I will be out of town for this one, but maybe later in the summer if they do another one.

  17. The intro is offered at every NESBA trackday but it looks like July 30-31 is the last date for Spokane. Other "local" trackdays Aug 6-7 in Portland, Aug 15 at Kent, Sept 17-18 in Portland.

  18. '74 CJ-5 here, locked front and rear, 304 w/ fuel injection, 33's right now, roll cage, and lots of body damage crackup:

    and donstar, i have a welder if needed