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Track Day in Spokane

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Wheelietime, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. A few years ago I rode with some people that would rent the track in Spokane and do a track day for those in their club. I never got to go with them but it sure sounded like they had a blast. I was wondering if anyone knew how much Mr. Moe charges to rent the track for the day for motorcycle clubs and if anyone would be interested in doing a track day for the Lewiston/Clarkston/Pullman/Moscow/Spokane riders? I think it would be a blast and if we had enough people, I don't think it would be too costly. What do ya'll think?

  2. You usually just need ten people to committ, something like $100 per body or $125 per body if you want an ambulance kept onsite. I dont recommend the abulance route. Dont quote me on those prices though.

    Next issue...figuring out a day that isnt booked already, comitting to it, and getting ten people to comitt to it also.

    I'm good for it though if we can figure out a day that works. It will most likely have to be a weekday keep in mind as the weekend reservations are usually all booked out this far into the season.

  3. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Must have correct gear as well!! Snell 3000 rated helmet, full leathers, Leather gloves, and of course boots! That prevents Oriville from being Liable if anyone gets hurt!
  4. Crap, I don't think I can fit into my leathers anymore. Been too many years and knee surgeries. But if we made the date for somewhere in Sept or early Oct. then maybe I could fit. Do they have to zip up? :lol: Heck even if I did drop enough to get back into them, I would still be up for it just to show my wife some things and help her to get more comfortable at speed with no oncomming traffic. Let's see how many are interested and then pick a date and talk with Orville.
  5. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    This may be my excuse to buy full leathers...
  6. Bah, I knew I should have pounced on that Teknic racing leathers deal I saw on craigslist!
  7. I was thinking the same. I'll probably going to have to wait until next season though. Putting too much into the bikes and the GP trip.
  8. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    what are the requirements for the bikes?

    safety wired, no mirrors, lights covered, number plate?
  9. I'll be interested if we could get a large amount of riders involved. Maybe a few people with race experince to show us whats up. I really dont want to pay over $80.00.

    Would it be an all day thing? What about food? I have to eat my six meals a day at least or I'll waste a way. Even thou I only weigh between 140-150pds.

    I vote for August or end of July.

    Buell Man.