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Track Newbie help

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Kyle Eski, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Hello, I've recently taken interest in a track bike and have some questions. I no longer own any bikes but recently have been pondering the idea of getting one having a dedicated track bike. Never raced on the track but always wanted to. Ive had my share of liter bikes and 750's. I'm looking at the smaller bikes like the ninja or RC390. Wanted to start small then work my way up.

    The first thing I need to do before I decide I want to do this is figure out if this is financially feasible. I understand that there will be money required for things like tires, maintenance, gear, and ect. Is what I am curious about is after all the initial costs and schooling how much it actually costs to race.Do you pay for like a whole season per say or do you pay for a single race?
  2. My .02

    Create accounts at and More activity than here. WMRRA is the place to look for race bikes for sale.

    Skip the RC390, I've not heard good things about the 390 engine's longevity.

    You can get a track-only, well-dialed 600 for $4k. Here and there you'll see someone exiting the sport, selling it all, around $6 or $7k.

    For example, at, an '09 R6, with stands, extra wheels is listed for $7K, a bit high if you ask me.
    An '07 R6, with all you need, listed for $5400.

    You can learn the basic maintenance, a few hundred $$ in some tools, but you'll need a garage.
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  3. Ok, Thanks. And yes I have heard of the same thing about the motors. Kinda a crap shoot. My understanding is its basically just poor quality control in India. Seems like there are multiple fixes to the common headgasket issue. Pcv to richen it up and lower engine temps, and an aftermarket Rad fan seem to help.

    Thanks for the input towards the R6 as well. I want to start small and be able to ride a bike hard and focus more on handling then power. Ive had 600's, 750's, and 1000's and maybe ill have another in the future. For know I think I will stick with a smaller cc bike.

    I already know how to do the basic maintenance, have the tools, along with a garage. Just one final question is whether I can afford it or not once i have the bike and gear. Btw i took your advise and posted on the pnwmoto page. Ill check out Wmrra's forum as well.
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