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Track Testing Prototype Parts

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Emily123, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to Portland and I'm an engineer and hobbyist, and I've been working on a carbon fiber bike part designed to enhance aerodynamic performance. I've been wanting to track test it for a while and get some cool footage while I'm at it, and I was wondering if anyone experienced in track racing is interested in this sort of thing and potentially working with me.
  2. You might have better luck at the WMRRA forums. (And the OMRRA forums, but it's harder to register there. I think you have to be a member first or something like that.)

    I'm curious about what sort of part(s) you're talking about (aerospace engineer here), but understand if you don't want to share yet.


  3. I work in aerospace as well, small world. I already reached out to the OMRRA but haven't hear back, but I'll try the WMRRA as well. Well the part I want to test fits on the rim of a bike, but I also want to make some frame guards, exhaust guards, fenders, clutch covers, etc. for fun. Thank you for your suggestion!
  4. Hi Emily123

    Sounds like you have some interesting things in the works. Unfortunately this time of year the racing season and trackdays are over in the PNW so you may not get many responses. I don't know how it would work for you logistically but there are a few trackdays left at Sonoma, Thunderhill and Leguna Seca. You may find some guys down there to test your parts. There's another site called (located in California) that has a race/track section in their forum that may open some doors. I don't race but I am an avid track rider (black group/level 3)...I'd be willing to help you out.
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  5. The OMRRA forum is pretty sleepy. Most of the action is on the facebook page.
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  6. Thanks WenRider. I'll try those avenues you mentioned but if the weather gets better I would love your help or at least your feedback.
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  7. Thanks st.mats!
  8. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Got any pictures of the pieces you are working on? I'm always interested in being a test mule... We are kind of out of season for actual track testing but I've got a huge Boeing parking lot a few minutes from my house which makes a good place to do low speed testing over the weekend.
  9. Hi there - fascinating topic for sure, but bad time of the year. We generally start track season around March/April, although some of us head south to CA for some early season testing in February. I'm happy to be a resource although I'm a few hours north.