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track time

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by kyler jenson, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Hey, All the posts are wayy old here. Anybody home? I'd be really interested in some track time this next spring. Like the ridge (Shelton) cause it's closer than Pacific. but either or. I understand the group rate, like this club; helps cost factor. KJ
  2. I’ve never seen a group rate. Price is pretty much what the organizers have on their sites. Some pre season sales you can buy but you have to commit to a day and gamble on weather. I did that once and never will again. It rained almost 2” that day in June. Got tacos at the taco truck that use to be there. They were excellent but not worth the $180 I paid to be there.

    Schedules for track days don’t usually come out until after the 1st of the year if you’re trying to plan ahead.

  3. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah I haven't seen a group rate, but it does seem feasible. One concern I would have is with the great Pacific Northwest weather. I had a similar day to MacBandits a few years, went to Pacific Raceways got rained on for a few hours hoping the rain would stop, then decided to scrap the day. So I have stopped registering for days outside of a reasonable forecast window. The cost of downing either of my bikes and potentially getting hurt in the rain is not worth it. Plus I've ridden in the rain enough to know it's lame.
  4. OK well thanks guys for the replys. Sounds like a great idea, but ends there apparently. So much for trying to be law abiding on this thing. I've learned to stay in lower gears but seems IT wants to go 70 or more everywhere.. also being fairly quiet you barely notice speed increases. Been lucky so far, knock on wood. KJ
  5. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    If a track day seems expensive a ticket is going to be rough. But ya really quiet around these parts. I'll hit 10k posts Judy before I die at this rate...
  6. i have never been to a track day, but i don't own a sportbike either. unless u count my hopped up 91 cb750 or my V45 sabre (set up for touring). alot mor fun just to go hit some mountain twisties n hopefully don't go splat on a guardrail.
  7. Track is far safer than the street by any measurement. Especially so if you want to go over the speed limit.

    You don’t need a sport bike to track ride. There’s often cruisers and touring bikes in the novice groups.
  8. There is a lot to be said for really knowing the road(s). The surfaces at different times of year. existing dips and bumps; as noting the new ones. Traffic flow. Police presence or not.
    What I'm pointing out is you pick your spots to hot rod, and i prefere perfect conditions to do so. No cars. No intersecting roads. No driveways. open shoulders. dry clean road surfaces. Visibility always. All I need is a mile or less for Beast to frolic..
  9. You sometimes can get group rates at track days. That usually involves something like a dealership contracting with the track for a day. If you are friends with a dealership's owner or manager, you could hit them up about sponsoring a day. Or if you really want to make it happen, you could contact The Ridge or Pacific Raceways and see how big of a group you would have to put together and what is required to rent the track.

    As much as I enjoy using a lot of the bike on the road (especially in Central and Eastern Oregon), there is nothing like exploring its abilities on the track without fear of LEO, cager, or animal.
  10. Hey Gootch thanks for reply, Some great ideas on this. I think I read about some group things happening back east but not here. Giving Paulson's Kaw. (lacey) a ring about sponsoring wouldn't hurt. I'll also call the ridge to see what they think about a group. Thanks!
  11. Seems like a big gamble to go during this time of the year, definitely waiting until the rainy season is over. Hopefully next year is like this one wherein it didn't rain at all during the summer.
  12. right. thinking coming season. my biggest fear is really liking the track too much and becoming expensive. having a bad motorcycle habit is enough w/o having to buy road time as well.