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Trackday at Spokane County Raceway, Sunday 9/25/16

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Ballistic, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Hey,

    .Last chance to go wring your sportbike or whatever's neck this season here locally. A test and tune day is this Sunday at Spokane County Raceway. Running from 10am-4pm, track goes hot at 10;30am. Bikes run together 20 minutes on the hour, cars run 20 minutes on the hour, it should be a fat 20 minutes. Hope somebody can show up besides me, Dave Ingraham and Malcolm, need a little traffic to have more fun. It is $100 for the day, weather looks to be really nice, dry and in the 70's. See you all there. $12 per person for spectators, guess they are getting us back for the cheap $100 trackday. :) Check SCR site for any further details, you need full leathers, helmet and boots on a bike to play. A back protector would be good too, or maybe a Michelin full body air bag. heh heh.

    Craig, aka Ballistic
  2. I am so in, mid 70s, late season in the pnw, hope to see some locals there

  3. Reviving an older thread here...thinking about trying a couple of these sessions this summer to augment my trips to the Ridge. Would like to hear input about how the track is shaping up and if the car/bike format works OK.
  4. I thought it was worth the drive. Theres no groups so slow street riders were on the track at the same time, there was only about 15 bikes. Spokane is very open so I knew when I was aproaching a slower rider. Theres no tech and no bike venders so be ready when you get there. As for the saturdays running from 8am to 2pm? Im not sure Im ready to ride by 8am, but I will drive 2hrs for at least a couple of these days, July 8th for sure, the track is in good condition. ORP is way closer than the ridge, If you have never riden there its worth the 2 day events
  5. Cool. I live in Spokane, so it's a no brainer. The Ridge is a long trip, but I have friends that live near there, so I don't have to camp or pay for lodging. Would definitely like to ride ORP someday though. I hear it suits a lightweight V-twin.
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