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Trackdays at Spokane Raceway Park

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Wrench, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Anyone here attending any trackdays this year? I could use dates and costs, etc.


    Sometimes the cyclebarn club (in seattle) puts on some trackdays over there. It is pretty cheap to rent the track for a day. Get 10 people together and its something like $125-$140 a person for the day. Just call the track and find out

  3. The following link just goes the thread where I posted up the current WMRRA schedule for 2005. You can usually go out on a track day (I forgot which one) which is before the actual race day.

    Cost, going off memory, was $90. They are strict about taping up your lights and wiring your oil. They say you need to have full leathers on as it is required, but a few years back when I went out there with just a leather jacket, the guy looked at me and said "Well it's your ass" and let me go out there for the day anyway.

    You never have to worry about it being too packed out there. Most guys ride for about an hour and BS the rest of the day. After about an hour, it wears on you. Best to rest up for the next hour and go back and forth like that. Best bet is to go with a buddy so you two can swap each hour, that is if your tires can make it.

    And of course, never ride in on the bike your riding that day. Just in case...knock on some wood.
  4. Well,
    I have absolutely no interest in those track days that include training sessions. They are a waste of my time and money. I just want some serious track time.

    I have full race armor, head to toe. Knee pucks are getting a tad thin, though.

    I do plan on riding my bike up there, but I have a few cousins who live in Spokane who are my backup plan for transportation. One of them is a medic. ;)

    I have a great checklist for bike prep I will be using, which includes safety wiring and taping lights.

    I did hear of a trackday that some of the NSR guys on Cycleforums were planning. Renting the track for a day and all. I would like more than one, though, and was hoping there was a way to get them cheaper. The $90 figure sounds great! I was paying around $250+ per day in Japan... :(
  5. the 2-fast track days they offer both "instruction" or just riding time. I know a lot of people that have done them and they are impressed overall and most haven't taken the "instruction" portion. JUst a thought if you are hard up for some track time and don't forget about spokanes 9/10 of a mile front stretch :shock: :p
  6. I am looking forward to it. Cant be any worse than the back stretch at Motegi, though. You have to hit the brakes early there, the braking section before the 90 deg. right-hander at the end is downhill. :shock:
  7. The best way to find out about Spokane Raceway "open" track days is to contact them directly - some groups rent the track and are open to letting others join in - and some groups are not at all welcoming to "outsiders" - The management knows which groups are usually welcoming and can put you in touch with them - I don't think the day before the WMRRA races is a good day to be on the track unless you are a hard core rider - the track is very limited and it's a cluster f--k for non racers -
    You're much better finding a group that is renting and tagging into their day- I've done it dozens of times and have made some great friends that way. Many come down from BC and Alberta - both groups are really nice and normally welcome outside riders assuming you're properly equipped and your bike is also properly prepared.

    Course with all the publicity our friend Orville is having who knows how long we'll even have a track or who the management will be- that is if you've followed the local news about our famous track -

  8. Whats going on with it? I have been transplanted to the westide of the mountains and don't keep up with the news from back home as much as I would like.
  9. well the short answer is that orville ( the guy that's run it for 40 years) is being sued by his brothers, nephews and investors who claim he screwed them out of millions of dollars - it's pretty ugly - unfortunately, Orville probably did everything they said he did - in addition the feds are looking at it because he's not claimed millions of dollars of income and has been paying his employees "under the table" in cash for years - it's a mess for him - I'd be very surprised if he beats this - but with good lawyers anything is possible and it may all turn out to be in fact true that he's not been doing any of the things they claim - though he's not made a lot of friends along the way unfortunately for him so nobody is too broken hearted over it- I've always liked him and he's always treated me fairly - so I hope it's not too harsh on him -

  10. Odds are we will all be wearing war paint and feathers because the tribe will get the track in the end.....

    that guy
  11. I doubt that will happen - if Orville does lose it ( there is a move to place a receiver in charge) it will be family members that run it or at least manage it - The Indians have their hands full with the casino - course Orville pissed them off and they are suing him as he drove his cat through an area they claim he sold them and he claims it wasn't that land. The guy is a lunatic - but a nice lunatic as long as you don't have to do business with him. Renting the track was as much business as I've ever wanted to do with him. Even his CPA and lawyer is implicated in this which may turn into a multi million dollar lawsuit among many - apparently Orville has claimed to all the investors that their investment in the stock is worthless and the track has never made a dime - There is evidence he has millions parked off shore - it's a very great juicy gossip story except only we riders and those of us that use the track really care- It seems there are track days scheduled throughout the summer though.

  12. I was talking to a guy named Dick out at Valley Yamaha last week and they are trying to get a group of guys together for a track day before the race at the end of May. You may want to check into that.
  13. IRS -bad deal

    I guess it depends on how much cash he has stashed cause thats what everyone is after. With the IRS though, you have to pay.
  14. Just a fyi on the nsr trackday incase anyon was thinking about trying to go to it. We have limited the trackday to just the people who are on the nsr forums who have expressed interest. The reasons for this is basically because a few local dealerships are spreading the word about it and it sounds like a bunch of people are going to show up. Unless your name is on the list you aren't going to be able to ride. If you are interested make sure you contact the guy over there who is cordinating the event. Just thought anyone who was interested on going might like a heads up on it
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    On of the things that SA is trying to arrange is a track day that is open to anyone. THe thought is that by doing it through a group name such as SA then we are more likely to get it 'to ourselves' rather then having to go on a race weekend or something. Just something that we are currently working on.......
  16. Is there anything for an average joe to get track time? I love the twisties around lake cda and would like a day of track time just to do it legally without speed limit and traffic worries.
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    WAY old thread! But, since you asked:


    First track date coming up May 25!
  18. Great event, organized very well (low key) and affordable. Lots of track time. See if you can make it through the last session of the day. I usually miss it and still limp for several days after. So sore.
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  19. I will be there, staying in casino parking lot
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    LOL. This old thread is funny.