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Traffic lawyer recommendations

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Are_Six, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    I was allegedly violating a local speed limit, who do you guys recommend for court in Wenatchee?
  2. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Speed Cam, or SMD operated by a officer? Local or State?

    Is the allegation an egregious violation or something minor like 10 mph over?

    If it's minor, I have lots of details that can help you. You can do it yourself, unless you can't be there in person to fight it.

  3. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    SMD operated by a stater. It's 10 over so I'm not to worried about it. I've made it a policy to fight everything and in Seattle at least the lawyers I use have excellent track records of getting tickets dropped.

    Just hoping that somebody would have some experience with some of the local attorneys.
  4. I have an attorney that covers that area but it will cost you. He has always been successful in getting WSP tickets dismissed.

    I believe his name is Andrew Phipps; search his name with "traffic attorney" on Google... Lots of great reviews there too.
  5. It has been my experience that the defense attys in a town like Wenatchee are generally in bed with the courts. Just the nature of smaller towns...
  6. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    In a good way or bad way? I would be worried about just throwing away money on a Lawyer in a small town. In Seattle I've literally never had a lawyer let me down. The worst I've had is a drop to a non-moving violation.
  7. Chelan County is one of the hardest places to get tickets dropped. I had one dropped last year, but it's because I got nailed by the airplane, and when I took it to court, no written statement from the pilot, therefore, it was dropped. But then again, that was in my cage. Motorcycles get a bad break over here.
  8. Jennie Mucklestone
    A little expensive but she gets the job done

    Jennie 2: City of Bellevue 0.

    Click the link below for more sugestions
  9. This. She will transfer it to King county and fight it over here
  10. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    So after calling quite a few attorney's nobody wanted to drive out to Wenatchee. Had court yesterday, got it dropped. But just FYI Chelan throws the Kitchen sink at traffic matters. They had the WSP SMD Expert and their prosecutor in court, I saw a number of attorneys lose cases. I was lucky, in my officers prepared report he cited an incorrect law, and electronically signed a document that contained numerous hand written (non-initialed) entries. Well actually he didn't sign it, but the prosecutor argued that the presence of his typed name at the bottom of the document would satisfy the requirement... The judge supressed his affidavit and the case was dismissed.

    I guess the take home message though is that I got lucky, don't speed in Chelan county.
  11. ^^ I believe you are the uber-rare exception. Be careful the rest of this year as you just used up a lot of your luck brah.
  12. Good for you for fighting it. I was lucky to have mine dropped, but that's because the airplane pilot didn't write a statement.
  13. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    She can certainly ask for a change of venue. I'm just saying, how could she know for sure. (She will transfer it to King County)?