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Tri-Cities Riders

Discussion in 'Central' started by twoclones, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Hello from the Tri-Cities area! I ride a 1200 Sportster and have put 12,000+ miles on it since May of this year. Not much for group rides though... My longest trip this year was to Farmington, NM.
  2. hello from Pasco. anyone needing maint. work or someone to put on aftermarket goodies at a reasonable rate, call me. Tim 509-542-9363

    I do good work, and i am very flexible with schedule!!

  3. From Pasco here also.

    I love to ride MX and sportbikes, and frequent tracks for both. I am also quite a mechanic and suspension tech.

    Almost forgot: I am also an MSF RiderCoach, and have a few Japanese Street Rider Technical Training classes under my belt (WAY more advanced than the training here in the US).
  4. Shane, Tri-Cities. Ride-R1

    Likes- Many

    Dislikes - Plenty

    Hello CF people...
  5. Welcome tri-cities area guys

    Most of us here all know each other and do whatever we can to help each other out, go for rides, work on the bike, ect

    I am in between Moses lake and pullman-House in ML and apt in pullman-might take a class in tri-cities this summer-

    Bikeless right now totalled the 03gix 1k last summer-couldn't ride until winter so I decided to wait and get an 05-

    Have to hook up-most of us here ride every chance we get-excellent riding here in Pullman area definately worth the trip, compared to the flat-lands-

    Yea I have been on CF for a couple years-Don't post up much though-lots of good gossip to read there though

    Its small here we hope to get some more members, just for the fact of finding riding buddies-

  6. I know some of the Tri-City guys, but unfortunately, I am further north, in Cashmere. Most people know who I am.
  8. Hey Bill how are you? I spoke with you a long time ago at CF-you always have an apple blossom get togther-I will be in Moses for may have a house with my girlfriend there-
  9. Thats weird, I had a post up there in reply to Bill and now its gone, hmmm. Did it get deleted?
  10. No when I first read the thread, that was how it looked. I thought it looked odd since there was no replay, but I figured it was an inside joke.
  11. I swear I wrote something, obviously it wasnt important enough so it never went live.. :cry:
  12. How 'bout a Tri-City Biker BBQ?

    'Tis the season... 8)
  13. Did someone say B-B-Q??? I'll ride just about anywhere for a BarbeeQueee!
  14. Let me know if anyones riding, im always down.
  15. welcome: gr8ride4u2luv, get more TriCity riders whooohooo
  16. If I ain't workin' I'm there too!!
  17. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Dane, live in west richland, and i ride a '01 SV650. I'm always down for a ride, and a BQ sounds awesome too!

  18. Another newbie to WA Riders forums...

    I'm Sam Burnette out of Kennewick, WA -

    I'm 19, work full time out on the Vit Plant (hanford) in the IS&H field - also attending wsu-tricities.

    I'm out of a bike right now but previously rode 2001 R6 and a CBR6F2 before that...I've been riding sport since I was 16.

    I'm bike shopping right now and am leaning towards a tiller...but we'll see what happens. As soon as I pick one up, I'll be sure to join you guy's friday + sat nights @ hastings:D And wow, there seems to be more and more bikes there every weekend.

    Ride safe and I'll see ya all around!
  19. hey sammy

    let me be the first to welcome you to here you will find a bunch of good riders and lots of year of experiance to back it up too. Keep up with the forums as there are always rides being posted through out the state....and hurry up and get that bike dammit cuz im always down for a ride...and my gf and i were in that hastings crowd this weekend. so was drod he had his cbr900 out and everyone was taking a huge liking to his bike...he turned heads that night by showing the little euro cars what a real skid looked like by a honda on two was kewl....but anyways...we got to talking to those guys there at hastings and they are always up for a late night cruise and they dont care with who either...they were a fun bunch of guys.... :scared :thefinge: :rant
  20. hey dane

    welcome to hear from pigeon that youre a good rider...he said he was behind you on that ride to leavenworth with the notorious SF....keep up with our forums as we are always posting new rides here in the tri cities....