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Tri City area DUI Lawyer???

Discussion in 'Central' started by mikewinkel, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Can anyone give me a reputable DUI attorney in the Tri-Cities?

    No it isn't for me, it's for a family member. I don't drink.

  2. I heard good things about Brian Roach but I used him personally uhhhhh..... I mean someone I know used him :) and he didn't impress me at all.

    It all comes down to whether it was first time or not and what they blew. Or if they just want to bite the bullet and get it over, or go deferred and drag it out for a few year. Shoot me a PM if you wish and I can give you a little more info.


  3. If your family member is willing to go to Grandview Tyler Everett at Everett Law is really good.
  4. [sarcasm]They are an alcoholic. And if they aren't an alcoholic, they are in denial. Hope they have some free time for some AA.[/sarcasm]

    I wouldn't hire any of the attorneys here in the TC. But that's just me. :secret: I'd go with Kevin's suggestion based solely on him not being here in the TC. Seriously.
  5. I have to disagree with odin. I think you want an attorney who is familiar with the way out courthouse runs and is familiar with some of the judges tendancies. Depending on which judge gets your case goes a long way in your chances of getting charges dropped. For example, if you get Judge Hollenbeck, you're kind of screwed.
  6. I'm not sure if an out of town lawyer is willing to come to benton county for court?

    either way i think he's going to go with Brian Roach. several people have recommended him, some with good things to say, some with bad, but it seems like he has a ton of experience. FYI he's a fellow rider too, Odin i'm not mad or meaning to sound bitchy but your sarcasm comments can def be taken the wrong way by some people so you might want to be careful with what you say. He happens to drink only on very rare occasions so i doubt he'd appreciate being called an alcoholic.

    Please don't blow up about me saying this, like i said i'm not trying to fight with you or call you out, i'm just saying some things can come off the wrong way to some people so be careful
  7. Agreed. Continuance, continuance, continuance with Hollenbeck !!!

    Don't get me wrong, Hollenbeck is an EXCELLENT judge, but hard on DUI's.

    Stay local AND with someone who is VERY familiar with the LOCAL jurisdiction.

    Good Luck !!!
  8. Yea, I wasn't implying Hollenbeck was a bad judge. I blame nobdy but for myself for my actions (this was about 3 years ago). It's just that Hollenbeck is notoriously tough on DUI's (as he should be) so if this is your judge, you can expect a certain level of punishment. Again, that's something that a LOCAL attorney would have a better grip on.

    Anyone know what kind of bike Roach rides? I never heard him mention it during our numerous conversations.
  9. my GF has him fighting for her now and he rides a cruiser, a Hardley Dangerous i think and it's pretty nice. could be a honda davison though, been a while since i saw it.
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  10. I'm sure it's a sweet bike. With the fees that guy gets and number of cases he handles, he could buy a new one every week ;)
  11. Pete i was talking about my family member who was a rider, referring to Odin's comment earlier. but i guess its good if Roach rides too maybe he'll defend him better. maybe the judge is a rider too, who knows
  12. lol no worries man. I'm piss poor at "expressing myself". Especially when its online. I sent you a pm.

    Lawyers will come from out of town. It costs more obviously.
  13. In response to "...not sure an out-of-town lawyer is willing to come in to town for Benton County Court."

    All lawyers who practice trial law go to the courthouse regularly (it's their job). Tyler Everett practices in Benton County, Franklin County, and Yakima County.
  14. Not that it needs any clarification now, but what odin was trying to say is that once you are charged with a DUI, in the eyes of the system you are 100% an alcoholic. It is guilty until cured by the state racket of all your money, I mean your "disease". If you say that you aren't, then you are in denial and need even more treatment! If your friend doesn't get it dropped, he better be prepared for some fun time at the AA meetings and the "treatment center" or whoever the crook is that gets to take his money.

    Here is my two cents for your friend:

    From someone who has been through the system, patience is key. Follow the rules, pay your shit on time, show up where you need to be and it will all fly by. SR-22 insurance isn't as much as they would like you to think. Once you complete your treatment and pay your fines most places will take you off "monitored" probation so that will save some every month. Stay out of trouble and absolutely do not drive unless you are 100% legal. They don't take kindly to people who are on the hook for a DUI driving when they shouldn't be. You will get double fucked. Play their game, go to meetings, tell them what they want to hear. If he/she needs to drive for work, beg and plead for the judge to give them an interlock device. It will make things much easier if getting rides to meetings/court isn't easy. I never got one, I just got a new girlfriend with a car and lots of free time (she's now my wife).

    When I got my DUI years ago I didn't get a lawyer, but that is because I blew a 0.221. Every lawyer that I talked to was nice enough to tell me to save my money and just take it like a man. Depending on what they blew and the circumstances, a good lawyer may be able to get them off.
  15. Yeah I was clear on what Odin was trying to say, and you and he are absolutely right. you need to play their game just to get by. i just didn't want my family member to take that statement the wrong way. he's a rider too and i don't know if he has a PNW account, and someone who is in the situation he is in may take a statement like that wrong.

    either way, i don't know the details of what he blew. he doesn't like talking about it. and i have SR-22 from a wreckless i got two years back. its not bad. $90 a month. its just his job i'm concerned with. They are really cracking down on that stuff where he works so we're hoping he can get it reduced down. But thanks to everyone who has put in their 2 pennies

  16. I think some of you guys might be getting hosed on the SR-22 stuff. It's basically a $50,000 +/- bond. My SR-22 fee is $22 for the ENTIRE YEAR. Does that $90/month include your regular insurance or is that JUST the SR-22? If not, you might wanna shop around. Just trying to save you some $$$.
  17. The $90/month i pay includes my insurance. I was originally with state farm but got kicked off because of my wreckless. so started up SR-22 w/ Unitrin Specialty and it is all inclusive for accident collision and injury coverage and stuff. not exactly how much my policy covers but it's good enough i guess. Had it for two years already, so technically i don't think i need it anymore, but hell... its cheaper than my regular insurance was so i think i'll just keep it. :happy:
  18. OK, just wanted to make sure you weren't getting ripped off too bad :)
  19. I am sure you will be able to find a good DUI lawyer online. When I was in a situation like this, took help of a good lawyer during the time I was pressed against DUI charges. It was a difficult situation for me and my family and my licence was at stake.