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Tri-City night ride (Sunday)

Discussion in 'Central' started by delta_77, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. hey everybody......

    what do you guys think about a night ride around the tri-cities on sunday night? give me some input..we can meet up at hastings around 9ish or earlier if yall want and just cruise around and possibly go to kimos for beer or pop. let me know ...and this time, lets not forget the camera.... :clap

    steve-O :rant
  2. im down for riding at night, but if daniel is in town he wont wanna ride at night so yeah

  3. i wont be in town that sunday night, ride safe....or as shwaa says, "ride naked. ride british."
  4. okay kewl. i have a friend from sunnyside who might come up on friday night and ride with me and my gf. she usually just rides bitch so i wont be hauling ass just cruising around..and i have a buddy on a cruiser who wants to tag along on friday night too. he said some time after 2200 he would join up. but for sure i will be out cruisin around friday night and sunday night. the ol lady wants me to take her out for a night spin. we did that last weekend and she enjoyed it until i started taking corners too fast with her riding ya dude, just let me know when and where and ill be there...and i think pigeon might go friday night for a cruise as well....keep me posted.

    steve-O :scared