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Tri-City Riders

Discussion in 'Central' started by j.ray, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Droppin a line to say whats up to all the TC riders out there, and I am always down for some riding.

    McMike a.k.a. Purple Rain and Johnny-B... whats up?? I also know a few you peeps from the Spokane area.... whats going on up there??
  2. Jason... good to see ya finally get on here. <Eric with the duc in spokane> Are you in portland or pasco? Anyways, we gotta hit up lyons ferry sometime, lemme know when your off.


  3. Hey glad to see ya finally found yourself on the board. I remember you doing a wheelie on the quarter mile at Spokane raceway and still winning!
  4. j-gangsta whats up??
    piece out purple rain
  5. Fighterama... whats going on man?? Yeah I am straight outta Pasco, its just like Portland......err maybe not, althought Tri-Cities is growing fast... I work Mon-Fri with weekends off so I am game just need a lil heads up to make sure I dont have anything else happnin. I havent hit Lyons Ferry in a while, also would love to hit Spiral Hwy.

    Beans... It was all the bike, I blacked out and have no idea what happened???? :roll: Thanks for the welcome.

    MikeMc... Just keeping it real over here in the northside of P-town, when we all gonna hook up and go for a lil spin?? Just take it easy on me since I am a lil new to the game. Oh and you need to get T-diddy on here also. Johnny-B is living large in Medford now so when he comes back in a few weeks we need to have a get toghether or something.
  6. Hey J, whats up?

    Those were some sweet wheelies you were pulling Sunday night.

    So tell me, truly, how was the NSR? She needs a little tuning, but I'll get the bugs worked out.
  7. wrench if you ever want to ride an SV let me know. I know you were talking about picking one up but i never asked if you wanted to ride one.
  8. Whats up Wrench... Yeah that is the first 2 stroker street bike I have ever rode so really hard to compare it to something. I have ridden 2 stroke dirt bikes until last year and still love the sound of them. All I know is I would love to ride it again all tuned up, if ya ever need some help with that I would be more than happy to help you out. I REALLY want one now..... and if you find one or know someone with one hit me up. I was really suprised with that 10R that I rode also, it was really snappy and needed a steering dampner in a BAD way.... We need to get a few rides together man.