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Trickshot Dixie's

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Anyone seen the motorcycle following starting to pick up in front of Trickshot Dixies on Sprague downtown?

    My business is located on the corner of Spraque & Washington so I'm literally on the same block, seems like every time I walk by there in the evening hours, there is both cruisers and sportbikes lined up on the street right out front.

    Last night, the bouncers took barstools and put them out by the curb and spaced them apart for quite a ways all in front of the bar. They were reserving the space for motorcycles and there was gang of them out there last night. Nice mixture too, not all one type or style of bike.

    Anyone been going to these??
  2. Danl, they have bike night once a week where if you ride a bike you dont have to pay the cover.

    Now you know


  3. True that. I went last fall with my bike. The only bad thing for me I choose not to drink and ride.
  4. I just hate walking out of bars having your helmet and all your gear smell like smoke.

    And where do you put all your gear...walk around the bar carrying your helmet and wearing your Vanson leathers or sit it all on a sticky beer table where it may get knocked off or taken.

    Too many variables...not enough beer! :read:
  5. Not that the world revolves around me or anything - but when I read the title of this thread - I thought this was going to be some low blow at me. :evil4:
  6. So you have to ask you feel lucky..WELL DO YOU PUNK! rockets:

    Last time I was there we parked right out in front by the bouncers and they made it known that if you leave your gear on the bike they will make sure no one f@cks with it so I left my helmet/jacket on mine (attached via the passenger seat lock) and it was fine...I think 4 of us did that without a prob

    Also the manager said that any night you ride and your cool its free so take that non bikers!
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    definitely +1
  8. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    When I went there they held my helmet at the front for free :) drinks were kinda weak though :-(

  9. My buddy and I went down there on Friday night and got in free cause of the bikes. Didn't stay long though, I am not a big fan of those types of places.
  10. I personally likes my beers and I likes my bikes...but n'er the two shall meet.

    That said...whatever floats yer boat.

  11. I duno, dick shit trixies is kinda losing its luster, and isnt all that ride-friendly. Heroes and Legends on the other hand....

  12. +1