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Triumph Daytona

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Midknight, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have anything to say about the 2004 Triumph Daytona 600, is it a good bike, or is it a crapy bike?
  2. compared to other 600's in that class? or just Triumph overall??

  3. I was told that the Daytona 600 is a crapy bike. I like the looks of it and would like to get one, but if it is an under preformer, and is high maintenance, I would much rather buy a Japanese bike
  4. I am not just saying this because I am a Kawi fan, but Kawi's 636cc ZX-6R is the ONLY motorcycle I would recommend for that 600 class of sportbikes. I have not heard anything good, or exceptional for that matter, about that Triumph.

    If you are looking for high performance and low maintenance, the ZX-6R is the best choice out there. In the August Cycle World, they are comparing the ZX-6R to the new GSXR1000. The ZX-6R is cleaning up and taking names in nearly every review!

    I know the additional 36cc might consider it a cheater in its class, but that extra ten percent in overall power equates to a much better street motorcycle.

    That just my couple of pennies, but if your gonna throw down your hard earned cashola, the ZX-6R is the only moto I would choose at the present moment.
  5. Since I have owned a TT600, the predecessor of the Daytona 600 since early 2002, and put 43K miles on it, I might be able to tell you a little about it. It is a better bike in all ways than mine, but I have been very satisfied so far.

    If you are a good enough rider to notice whether you have a couple extra horsepower, then maybe it isn't the right bike. It is not hugely underpowered, and in the right hands, will outperform other 600s under the right conditions. I take my bike on track days, and it doesn't get left behind due to any shortcomings of the bike. Triumph handling is very stable and very quick at the same time. You won't get the occasional Kwak or Honda tank slapper/sphincter tightener when you hit a bump in a corner. The stock brakes are as good or better than anything else in the class. For reliability, it is as good as any Japanese make. There are few minor issues, just as there are for any motorcycle you will look at. There are several websites dedicated to them, and the people at those websites are helpful and active.

    The downsides are a little less power and a little more weight than the best of class. That doesn't bother me very much. The magazines test bikes specifically prepared for testing, and, as far as I know, Triumph just sends them a bike. So, that means that if you buy a Triumph, chances are you are getting something far closer to what the magazines test than you would if you bought a Kawasaki. The other drawback is a serious lack of aftermarket support. The bikes would be taken far more seriously if there were more aftermarket parts availability. It is there, but limited and you have to know where to look. Some parts, like full exhaust systems, are simply unavaliable.

    You can probably get a screaming deal on a new Daytona 600, so if you like it, don't worry too much about what you have been told. It isn't a crap bike- if you don't plan to get a new one every year, you won't have class leading horsepower for very long anyway. In the mean time, you will have a very tough bike (mine has been through hell a couple of times).
  6. I know a guy that picked up an 04 Daytona. He got it for the styling mainly, but had nothing but good things to say about everything on it.
    I'm a firm believer in buying what you think looks the best. Most of us will not notice that much of a difference in performance in the same class. Now if you want to take it to the track with a buch of aftermarket parts, you may want to go Japanese.
    Go test ride one and see what you think!
  7. I'd say get it simply because it ISN'T Japanese. Just like everyone else has stated, you probably aren't going to notice a little less hp and if you do, simply do the usual mods to it (pipe,filter) and my personal favorite...sprockets! When it comes down to it, you'll have a GREAT looking bike that NOBODY has. Just make sure you stay living near a dealership (they're pretty scarce).
  8. Thanks guys, I was also looking at the 05 Daytona 650, which has been getting alot of praise
  9. Get the 1050cc Speed Triple...that thing is SICKKKKKK
  10. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    SURE IS!!!!!!!!!! Errrrrr WAS.
  11. cordodor

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    still is, Shwaa...

    the '05 Daytona 650 is a good lookin bike, although, it still doesn't keep up with the Japanese 6's. unless you're takin it to a track though...
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    Alright, the cool thing about the Daytona. It is not really the fastest one out there compared to the jap bikes! But, it is more comfortable, power band is smoother, which makes you feel more relaxed; which thus makes you more confident, to which makes for faster lap times! So in the real world of riding the Daytona is the way to go! Unless you really know how to ride and you can be confident on a jap bike!
  13. Keep this in mind...

    Your bike doesnt have to be the fastest or most powerful. I ride a bike with a whopping 97 hp. 97!!! Not even triple digit hp! BUT, its just right for me (6'3, 200 lb). I can lean it as far as I want, pin the throttle in the corners and not worry about walking the ass all over the place. Something different is always nice in a bike, so that you aren't the 16th gixxer in the string of bikes (which are RIDING, not PARKED). Id definitely go Triumph (I own one), and I can help you find parts, do work, etc. Highly reccomend.

  14. jabstar17

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    The key figure in buying a bike, is not trend, or necessarily the baddest meanest bike out there. If you wanna learn how to be a better rider, be faster then most people on the street! Buy the bike that fits you best, makes you happy. For Fighterama it is his Ducati and Triumph! For me it is my 636. Reviews have showed that the Triumph makes very comfortable bikes, buy doing that, they do loose power. But the confidance level increases 10 fold.
    You want be confidant and aggresive with your riding, not scared or timmed when riding it.
    So add those facters in when purchasing a new bike!
  15. I bought my Daytona 600 today, I did notice that it was smoking when I was letting it warm up, is that normal? Will, do you know where I can get some add on parts for my bike?
  16. triumph makes some nice accesories for it and just about any big name will make a pipe for it. I remember putting a black widow system on a speed tripple awhile back. looked good.

    the daytona is a great handling bike with nice usable power, great street bike, and more comfortable then the kaw. The TT on the other hand had some short comings. I think triumph did right by this bike and never should have released the TT and just chalked up some RD on the daytona. Youve got a nice bike, enjoy it:)

  17. Yeah, dont worry, you have new rings and new cylinders getting to know each other right now. The sealing and mating process hasnt started yet, so its okay for a little smoke to be present.

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  19. jezterr

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    smoking is normal for a new bike. mine still puffs a few billows of smoke if it hasn't been started in a while... congrats on the new bike...
  20. Jafar

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    smoking is often a social habit. your bike is just trying to fit in.