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Trixie Needs a Place to Stay: Sunday Night 6/5

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Trixie, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. (I'm a little worried about what kind of doors I'm opening by making this post... oh well, here it goes)

    Tomorrow, Sunday 6/5, I am coming up to Spokane to cook for Taste Washington, and I was given the choice of driving the catering van, or my bike.... hmmmm. So I will be up there from about noon until we get done, at around possibly 10pm.

    So..... I was thinking about staying in Spokane, and then riding back with the group that is coming down to Pullman Monday morning. But... I would need a couch to crash on (too much summer fun = lack of $). So I figured I would see if there's anyone nice enough to let me borrow theirs for the night. THANKS!!!
  2. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    I'd need to check with the wifey, but it'd prolly be cool for you to crash on my couch if ya need, it's in the valley.


  3. This is now still a "maybe" because as it it telling me according to the weather forcast... I might rather be driving the catering van. But... if I have a place to stay that'd be awesome! I will let you know if I decide not to... but most likely still coming up on my Duchess.
  4. I Have 3 Bedrooms At My Roommate Is Never Here And Doesn't Mind Somebody Spending A Night At Our Place... So U Can Ride Your Bike If U Want... I Live On The South Hill.
  5. raining north of Spokane.9:30 or so am. Bring gear! (and have a fun ride if you go for it!)
  6. Yeah it's crappy down here too. GGGRrrrrrrrr! Guess that catering van doesn't sound so bad anymore afterall. I REALLY wanted to ride down with you guys tomorrow.... stupid WA!!! Anyway, another time I guess. Thanks to all that offered to let me stay with them. Appreciate it. If anyone is going to Taste Washington today, swing by and say hello, I will be feeding 1500 people, representing WSU. Alright, I'm off, have to go cook now. THANKS AGAIN! See you all tomorrow!