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Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Beerbohm, May 23, 2005.

  1. To all those that know trixe is she a weird and kinda girlish as I have seen?
  2. for a girl that does "none girl things" she sure is modest

  3. WEIRD: yeah, you know it!!! ...wouldn't you consider it weird when a chick wants to play paintball wars on street bikes?!?! And owns everything to do it???

    GIRLISH: who ever said that you needed to be butch to ride. So I like my long curly hair.. I like tight jeans on my ass, and shirts that show my tits - Is this a crime?

    MODEST: two things could have happened here... either you've mistaken my non-sluttiness as modesty... or you just didn't get to know the openly sexual side of my personality because I wasn't interested in you. ;)
  4. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    LOL!! Way to stand up for yourself!! I like you Trixie!
  5. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    *Licks finger, chalks 1 up for Trixie* Someone just got served! Hahaha... crackup:

  6. Hey Trixie, do you ride in this area? If so, judging by your attitude i'd love to see how you ride! I'll be around for a while if your game to show your skills :twisted:
  7. Hmm.. where's Deer Park? I could probably swing by.

    As far as my riding goes.... I've had my bike for about 4 weeks (one of which I was away from it.. so actually only 3)... sooo I'm still a bit cautious on it... even though I've knocked it up with over 1000 miles already, but I'm realizing I'm doing stupid shit really early on it. wheelies, standing up - no hands, getting my knees up on the seat and sticking my ass out in the air... but I have no problem keeping up with the boys. Ask the boys from Spokane, I was in the front of their crowd. But I don't put up with ridiculous hazardous stupid riding. I've seen too many accidents, and if you fuck around hardcore, I'm gonna back off and do my own thing - so therefore... being around for a while so I can "show my skills"... depends if you can handle the feeling of having a chick ride by your side and not feel like you have to show off. But hey! I'm game. Would like to meet you as well. xo - T
  8. Ok Ok I take it back she's allright and I won't let you ride by my side you can ride in front of me exspeicaly if you put your knees on the seat and do your thing. :thumblef:
  9. ;) I knew I could give you a run for your attitude... And anytime you wanna ride, I'm game, ass show and all.
  10. Is it weird to be getting turned on?
  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    you're gay if you're not.
  12. I must ride to Pullman to meet Trixie. She sounds interesting, to say the least. Way to go.
  13. Shit... when I meet chicks like me... they turn me on too ;)

    You have now idea... and you should come down here. But I am a handful. I love meeting new people all the time, and if a group of you come, I'll pull out my Chef skills from Seattle and throw another BBQ. Let me know. I'm up for it!
  14. So Trixie you living in pullman for the summer or just school time? And Deer Park is close enough to spokane for us to go on a nice country ride! 8)
  15. damn so all it takes is a set of knockers and you get your own thread? Chicks get all the cool shit...boobs, child support, vaginamoney...Curse those x chromosomes....
  16. I just relized that I posted this on the wrong forum. Beans can you move it to the right one?

    Carefull I have seen her ride she keep up nicely and she has smaller chicken strips then some guys I know.

  17. Thanks Beer! I appreciate the complimet. What are "chicken strips"...? No worries. In regards to getting whatever we want, don't hate me because i enjoy long showers alone and can look down my shirt anytime I want. ;)
  18. wasn't hatin'...just envious that's all...
  19. Chicken strips are the part of the tire that has never been riden on.
  20. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    From meeting her the other night she seems cool, though she did spend like 20 min humping her bike to get it to start......