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true story

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by steve (oldertrble), Jun 29, 2005.

  1. this is a story a friend of mine forwarded me from No California- He swears it's a true story that happened to a friend of his -I have no doubt it's true- be careful out there it's dangerous:

    Thanks to "Michael Vogt" <>

    From the VFR list:

    I had a interesting experience about week ago on the vfr with a cell phone

    I live in this little borough. It is small enough that there are no stop
    lines before the crosswalks at the traffic lights. so I pull up at this one
    light, I'm in the left side of the left turn lane which is pretty much the
    middle of the street. My front tire is completely behind the painted line of
    the crosswalk. My right hand is lightly on the
    brake as well as my right foot is holding the bike in the rear. In the right
    lane next to me is silver grey Ford Crown Vic with municipal plates. I did
    not bother to register who or what might be driving.

    As I'm waiting for the light to cycle, this woman dressed in a expensive
    business suit steps off the curb on my right side. She is talking on her
    cell phone, with it held up to her left ear. She looks to her right (away
    from all the traffic she just stepped in front of) and rapidly starts to
    cross the street. And she is loud I can hear her talking to her assistant
    about filing some forms for some settlement.
    I tuned her out and looked back up at the left turn only traffic light. All
    of a sudden, bang the VFR lurches to my left pulling the bars out of my
    hands and this lady smacks her face on street! The cell phone bounces about
    twice and breaks into several pieces and I heard her sunglasses crunch on
    the concrete. She shrieks like a banshee and jumps up only to stumble on her
    shoes broken heel. Her knees are bloody, as is her left hand along the
    outside edge and her nose looks pretty badly scraped.

    She screams at me "what the F*&k do you think you are doing. I'll have you
    arrested for Assault. Somebody call 911, this idiot just tried to run me
    I notice that She still has the grip of her briefcase in her right hand (but
    only the grip) and her knuckles are bleeding as well. I also scan the
    intersection and see a couple of people on the sidewalk now dialing their
    cell phones.

    With my left hand I reach in and cut the key, putting it in my pocket. I
    turn and look back to make sure that the guy behind me sees that I'm not
    going anywhere. The guy driving is pounding on the steering wheel laughing
    histerically. She steps right up to the side of my motorcycle and starts
    screaming at me "Get the F... off that thing, you Son of a B!tch, Get off
    that F..king bike NOW! or so help me I'll kill you M...F". But even if I
    wanted to, I could not get off the bike at that instant because she is so
    close I would have to knock her down to swing my leg off.

    At that moment the silver crown blasts across the street and screeches to a
    stop. The door opens and this guy in grey slacks and a sport coat gets out.
    He jogs back across the intersection and pulls the woman back about six
    feet, getting his body between us. He turns to me and says, "I saw you pull
    the key, don't move," as he starts to force the woman to walk back over to
    the curb. I hear the sirens that our cops use to clear intersections, and
    see the flashing lights in the rearview. He's trying to get her to sit down
    on bus stop bench, but she just keeps trying to jump up and I guess take a
    run at me. I put my gloved hands on the tank, still trying to comprehend
    what is happening.

    The cop pulls up behind the guy behind me, and motions that he should go
    around. When the guy does (still laughing) the cop pulls forward some before
    he stops and gets out. He's halfway to me, when the woman starts screaming
    "He hit me with that motorcycle, deliberately...." then starts
    sobbing again. "don't move a muscle," the cop tells me and goes over to
    check her out. He's talking on the radio the whole way over. I see him start
    talking to the gent that got out of the grey car, they seem to know each

    About then a second unit shows up. The second cop walks up on my left and
    bellows,"why are you still wearing that helmet, Take it off. and get off the
    "Wait," yells over the guy in grey. The second cop holds up his hand and
    bellows, "don't move". The guy in grey walks back over to me. "Straighten
    that front tire" the guy in grey says, and the second uniform backs up a
    couple of steps.
    I pull the VFR bars back to straight and look at the grey suit. He stands
    over the front tire and looks down a the cross walk paint for a minute.
    "Okay, put the kickstand down, get your helmet and gloves off and the
    officer will need your license and insurance." he says as he starts to walk
    back to the curb.
    I shuck the gloves and helmet, put the stand down carefully and start to
    pull out my wallet.

    The cop standing next to me yells over, "what am I charging him with?"
    "Nothing, we just need his info for the report and then he can go," says the
    grey suit.

    The woman screams "What, You can't do that, I don't know who you think you
    are, but I know the mayor and the chief of police, they won't let that manic
    get away with this!"

    The dude in the grey suit says, "I don't know who you think you are lady,
    but I am the police chief, and I saw you walk into his front wheel because
    you were too busy on your cell phone. He was not in the cross walk nor was
    he moving when you fell over his front wheel". At which point she just
    totally lost it and started bawling like the end of the world was coming.

    Needless to say in another twenty minutes I was told I was free to go and
    given a copy of the incident report form in case I needed to report an
    damage claim with my insurance company.
  2. What a scary story...I can just see that rider going to jail...assuming this is non-fiction...


  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    wow... just... WOW.
  4. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    No doubt...crazy people piss me off.
  5. thats just messed up! i would be so pissed off! Luckily there were plenty of witnesses
  6. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    If this were Spokane (or even Wa in general????) I agree that I could see the rider being the one that is getting in trouble over this stupid matter. I think that it is funny how emotional the lady was.....dumb bitch....... :evil4:
  7. wow what a story! I can here it now..."So, how was your day today"...