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TT250 halp! *Bike has been sold*

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by BigDQuinn, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Hey, so I'll start here to see if anyone can assist...

    I'm moving from Vancouver, WA to the east cost the end of this month.
    I have a 2016 TT250 that ran great! Until it didn't.
    Not getting into details as to why it stopped running since it involves malicious intent by another BUT...
    When I moved from OR to WA, I had to reinstall parts that had been previously removed, not by me.
    Since then, I've messed around with her a bit, trying to get her up & running.
    Last time I tried, she really wanted to run but just wouldn't make that last little bump & turn over. I am not a skilled mechanic & I've found being a single mother during a pandemic caused my priorities to shift so she's currently sitting in my garage, staring at me with sad eyes.

    Yes, she had gas when I tried.
    Yes, the battery had charge when I tried.
    Yes, I tried to kick start as well.

    I need help.
    Help from someone that wants to help me fix her then sell her or someone that wants to take her off my hands. I don't have a lot of time, I know. Having to move wasn't on my 'to do' list. Any thoughts/assistance would be great! Thanks! :)
  2. Hiya Sweetie!
    I'm so sorry someone messed with your bike, and you had to get in fix it mode. You replaced stuff that needed replacin', and yet no joy.......

    Sometimes when we are looking for big problems, the stress of the situation causes us to look over the small, easy stuff. So, not to insult, but check that the engine cancel switch in in "on" position, and that your fuel lever is in "on" position, (dunno if a 2016 is fuel injected, but I wouldn't think so on a TT.)

    Quite a while back, I had a really early leave time for an epic ride. I was early morning sleepy. COULDN'T GET THE BIKE TO START!!!! What horrible mechanical fail was going on??!!!!!!! After massive stress, big bike lookovers and worst case thoughts, BOOM, I'd hit the bikes kill switch when I was wiping things down and prepping the night before.

    I really hope it's something simple. Best wishes, dear.

  3. Thanks for the reply, @DatCat !

    Bike has been sold!