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Tue 6/21 spiral ride 1:30-2:00

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by r6fireman1996, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Its Tuesday the 21, its nice and sunny (a bit breezy) and I have a tank full of sh*ty gas to get rid of so I am gonna ride out to the spiral and go play. Its 9:45 now, thinking of leaving around 1:30-2:00. CALL MY CELL if anyone wants to keep me company 206-953-1353. Later

  2. I was thinking of going and playing myself but have a chem lab until 430 so couldn't make it until closer to 5. If anyone is down for then I might go for a quick hour or two jaunt somewhere

  3. Change of plans...

    I'm gonna hit the SRC then be at the Daily Grind, I'll go riding at 2:00. Anyone interested, meet me there.

    bob, sorry you can't make it, I might be out for awhile, so if you get there and see a blue r6 thats really loud cruising up and down, say hi. If not, i'll catch ya on the next ride.
  4. Teq - I might be down for it.. I have a lab that is scheduled from 3-645, but I bet it will get out early. I'll come home to let me dog out anyway, and will check on here. (BTW- I've been on your bike for more miles than I even have my own :lol: )
  5. well I may just be going right after lab at 430ish. The guy next to me in lab rides a 954 and says he may be down to go. I only gots like a couple hours though. Prolly looking to be home around 700ish. I'll swing by Tesoro before heading out. Prolly hit the river run then up Spiral.
  6. :| If I can make it, I will be at Tesoro at about 430. If not.... I'm S.O.L. I really want to tho. This would be the first rally around spiral on the new Pirellis....
  7. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    where'd you get your pirellis, bonita?
  8. A shop in Ohio - $170 for both Diablos SHIPPED. And on top of that, the guy just called me about 30 minutes to check that I got them, and to let me know that if there is ANYTHING that I want, to make a list and email it to him, and call him, and he will get stuff super cheap, barely over cost. :mrgreen: I love being a girl.
  9. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    where's the hook up?? i need tires, same ones as yours, actually. 120-70 and 180-55.
  10. Hey, PM me your info... promise I won't use your credit card, and I will call the guy and ask. Send me your full name, address, credit card #, type, exp. date, adress you want it shipped to... and I will do my best.
  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    uh... no. how 'bout you give me a call instead? 253.861.4624
  12. will do. I just don't want to call the guy, and ask if he'll do it, and then have to call you, get the info and then have to call him back... so I will call you before I talk to him, he wasn't too happy about the price i talked him down to on this set, so not sure he'll do it again, but I know it will be low for sure. I know I can get them no sweat for $209
  13. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    or how 'bout you just gimme his number when you call me and i can tell him you sent me... did you get just diablos or did you get diablo corsas?
  14. what happened there trixie? I am pretty sure that was you who pulled into Tesoro. I was inside getting something and looked like you who pulled in and then left immediately. I sat there for a little bit after but you was gone. I just ended up running around a little down Waiwawia (or whatever it is) and then back home no more than an hour but was by myself.
  15. so this afternoon was a good ride...after a little dilema. I decided after working out to go take a spin to see if I can burn up some of the gas in the tank, but after about 30 miles no difference, so I decided to siphon the gas out and put in new...that went off ok, was even able to get rid of the old gas legally. but all that put me past 2:00pm so I figured I'd missed anyone who was at daily grind. But i went there and enjoyed a cold drink and waited till about 3. Then i took off, did the 194-wawaii-spiral and back with two trips up and down the spiral. GOD its good to be back on her. and side note...there were many many chica bonitas at the rock! almost stopped to say hi...if only I had had the time. I did see a white either gixxer or fizzer out there, anyone from here?

    I saw a couple of bikes out on the road today too, nobody I recognized though. and the last of the ordeal...First, I hit a bird coming up wawaii, turned around and saw it in the road so if you guys go down there watch out, its down near the houses. Fucker hit me side of the helmet/shoulder at about 85...thought i was going off. and then up on top i hit the bump on the little bridge (beans, remember when i was passing you and hit that bump and i landed on my rear seat? thats the bump i am talking about) at about 125 and the freaking back seat bounced up and hit me in the back. so i slowed to a stop so i could look for my registration...and nope, gone. but i did find it back by the bump in the middle of the road. as soon as i picked it up and got going i passed two bikes headed down towards the river. anyone on here?

    and boy, even though i did the whole loop in less than 2 hours i had a blast. and there were many many girls driving down toward the river on my way back too! girls everywhere! anyway, hopefully i can ride with some ya'all sometime. Have a good ride bob, and watch out for my bird.


  16. Awe!!!! I pulled it at 4:41... didn't see any bikes... so I headed home to grab my leathers and came back by at 4:53 and there was no one there yet again. Did I just not see your bike???? Shitty. I was totally down for it. Well at least I went to work instead and got some stuff done. Next time. I am always available MWF afternoons, and have lab TTh afternoons, but later works for me those days. Here, put this in your phone: 425-891-4273, next time something like that happens, call me. Schwaa knows the drill.
  17. Hey Jez - Good news! I talked to Logan today, and he said that he can do them for the same price plus like &7 or something b/c he lost $ when he did mine. So it'll be about $177 shipped for font and rear Pirelli Diablos... I will PM you the number and stuff. Sweet!