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Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Fighterama, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Going for a ride 4/19, short notice, but thats no excuse, its gonna be nice out. If interested post up, im flexible, just need to be back by 5.

  2. Insurance adjustor is coming out to peek over the bike, so I cant make it. Otherwise, I would so be there!

  3. Could swing by, start doing some 'fighter estimation as well!

  4. I would like to go out. Do you have a place to meet up and time? Halla Back!
  5. 11ish, wherever, I dont know where im going or who is with me, just gotta think of a place and go....

    downtown somewhere?

  6. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    Got a day job...but I rode to work :lol:
  7. Sad...

    Penelope and I rode out through the 27 corridor, was windy but nice out. Tried some 2nd standies, couldnt really get it to work though. Mostly because I suck. That and now i know that those bridgestones are ass. Slidin all over the place, nothing even remotely fast and they werent hookin up.

  8. What kind of Bridgestones' are ya runnin'? And who is Penelope??
  9. BT010, shit tires....

    Penelope knows who he is...

  10. wow I loved the 010's...I was pissed when they quit making them so I switched to the 014's that replaced them. Maybe I liked the 010's though cause my bike is so heavy, and those tires were damn near perfect for me. Then again, all the good reviews I heard from that tire were mainly on the 12 forums.
  11. It was moderately warm, my bike is equally heavy as its a sport tourer. I make a little less horsepower, so thats probably not it either. Just for some reason in corners the ass stepped out alot and under throttle it didnt like to stay hooked up, kept sliding the rear around. I kinda think its the profile because when im down in turns, im not leaning as far on this bike as my other and im chewing the sidewalls up. Might just be a flat profile that im not used to....