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Tuesday morning rides?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by GpGreen, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I have Tuesdays off work and in the afternoon I have sail racing. I am wondering if there is anyone that would like to go for a ride in the morning. I am thinking that Tuesday mornings would have pretty low traffic, could be great.

    Meet at Krispy Kreme at 10 AM KSU 1030
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  2. Im game for a ride tomorrow morning.

  3. :ninja:

    Due to changes at work, I may be in. I'll keep you posted.


  4. What time frame in the morning? I work swing and have to be back @ the house no later than 2 PM. If it's not too early and doesn't run too late I'm down.
  5. Well I work swing the night before, so I don't want it to be too early ether. I'm thinking meet around 10? KSU at 20 after.

    Any ideas on a route? I'm fairly limited in my knowledge of roads, so I would really like to branch out from the cugar-carson run.
  6. I've heard Dave knows some pretty great roads....
  7. As the amount of available riding time increases, so do the route options. If we have four hours maximum, we have two loops from Vancouver (one of them Cougar/Carson, the other dips into Oregon for part of the trip. These would require a spirited pace and few stops to meet the four hour limit. There are usually more loop options, but construction has temporarily removed a couple from the list. We also have a number of out-and-back options; some of which are also in Oregon.

  8. Lead the way! You gonna tard out with me or ride the z?
  9. I'll bring the 'tard.

    We have a when, Gp, we need a where.

  10. If gp doesn't get back to us its cool, turns out riding anytime after 12 would work out wayyyy better for me. The gf has a half day at work tomorrow starting at 12. And since I started this job we barely see eachother. Would love to spend the morning with my lady, then hit the road.
  11. I may be in for this on the XR. No long straight roads. I don't like to cruise much over 60-65mph on it. Earlier the better.
  12. Well I'm officially busy till noon now. And ill be out in battleground at that time. So if you wanna meet out there and do cougar Carson or something. Idk. It'd be better to let me know over text cause I won't be on here much thismornig. Or if you'd rather do something different I'm up for anything
  13. Ok, sorry for the short notice. Let's meet at Krispy Kreem near Home depot on Andresen road.

  14. 10:00am?

    Who's in?
  15. OK, Krispy Kreme it is. I'll be there by 1000.

  16. Womp womp. Have fun guys. Hopefully I can find somebody today for a later ride.
  17. Krispy Kreame 10 AM See you guys there.
  18. Oh you kids and your 10:00 am rides on Tuesday. :rant

    I'd tell you all to behave, but where's the fun in that. :devil:

    Anyway, can't make it. Be safe.
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  19. Thanks for coming, Dan and Dave. Had a great time, I'm glad to find some new roads and just to be back on the bike again, it's been too long.
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