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~ Tuesday Night Coffee 2010 ~

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Brady, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. This will be the official Tuesday Night Coffee Thread for the year of 2010

    Please keep all event related photos and conversation in this thread.

    The original Tuesday Night Coffee thread is going to stay up, so if you would like to look back at it please feel free to do so:



    Tuesday Night Coffee is a time for people of the motorcycle community to come together and hang out.

    Originating through motorcycle forum, Tuesday Night Coffee started August 12th, 2008 with about 5 people who shared the hobby of motorcycle riding. Now spanning to nearly 60 motorcycles in less than a year's time, Tuesday Night Coffee has grown rapidly.

    The event is hosted in Beaverton, Oregon at a Coffee House Ava Roasteria located at:

    4655 SW Hall Blvd.
    Beaverton, OR

    A great facility with great drinks, food and a very supportive friendly staff.

    It is held weekly, year round starting at 7pm. We are there every Tuesday, rain, shine, and even snowy weather. Doesn't matter if you ride, drive, walk or ride public transportation, it is a great opportunity to get out and meet many new friendly people.

    Anyone and everyone is welcome at this event but the main focus was started around motorcycle riders of all kind...Scooters, Harleys, Enduros, sportbikes. Doesn't matter, if you are on two wheels with a motor - its a motorcycle.

    So please, if you're in the area - drop on by, doesn't matter if you ride or if you just want to check out the bikes.

    Number of people there varies depending on weather .

    Any questions or comments feel free to E-Mail me text me or call me.

  2. LOL I just wanted to be a post whore and be the first one beside brady to post ha ha :thefinge:

  3. I'm 2nd to post. Why am I always 1 step behind you Robert? :thefinge: If it is not raining I will be out this week.:mfclap:
  4. crackup:SNUGGIE FASHION SHOW!!!
  5. please dont. :shock:
  6. Bummer! Didn't you get one for Christmas, either?:wacko:
    See ya at TNC, Eleah?:mfclap:
  7. I work now on Tuesdays. :(
    See you on rides and spuradic PNWr get togethers?
  8. Hopefully I can make it more often than last year. Damn Iraq deployments. lol. I'm looking forward to making it out and meeting everyone.
  9. How late are people going to stay? I get out of class around 8:30 and would get there around 8:45. Most of the other times i show up i miss the big group :(
  10. We will still be there
  11. I made it once in 2009. I'll try to do better in 2010. Thanks for all your organizing work Brady.
  12. Ok. Im a little antisocial and need to get out of the house more. I swear to all of you that I will make a few coffee nights and just just get to know some of you. Im sorry for being such an antisocial homer.

  13. Nice Fun turnout! I had a nice time, even got a nice hug from someone other than a dude heheehhe Best to us all!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nice seein' ya'll! Even Robert, who was woefully bent :mrgreen:
    Lots of great TNC lyin' goin' on!
    Happy riding this week all!
  15. You bet man! Hope to see you out again!

    Antisocial is fine, Ive noticed ya the times youve come..sometimes been busy but anytime just find me and tag along.

    Great turnout last night though. Had alot of fun! Until next time
  16. i was surprised at how many people were still there last night when i showed up. Had a lot of fun. To bad for the crappy weather hopefully it will start changing soon.
  17. Hey everyone, So I had an idea the other day and being that you all ARE what Tuesday Night Coffee is I want to run this by you first.

    Come this summer I have passed the idea around in my head of mixing in some cars into the event...NOT PERMANITLY...Only has a *SPECIAL EVENT* type deal... maybe 2-3 times over the coarse of the summer.

    I have a parking lot across the street that I am allowed to use as well as Ava's main parking lot.

    IF...I do go this route I would have the regular, main lot, for all the motorcycles and the adjacent lot for cars.

    After some feedback Ill toss the idea around with some of the car enthusiasts and see what I can get going.

    Just thought it would be fun being that most of the motorcycle lovers, respect and love nice cars as well. It goes the other way around as well..I know a lot of car people who have ridden in their past, do ride currently or if they haven't ridden they have a TON of respect for riders.

    Let me know what you about it..if you have ideas for additions and anything let me know...

    Again this is a MAYBE, and not permanent what so ever and just a idea to toss around. I don't want to flood this event with masses of cars, and bikes, and this and that...Its going to stay souly a motorcycle event but I thought it would be fun to have a mix up day.

    Depending on the outcome of all your opinions, I will then meet with the owner of Ava's and talk to her about it.
  18. Brady, The only problem you might have is they may keep coming back week after week because of the large gathering.You can't control who shows up in public places. Once that happens it will get to the point where you can no longer control the situation and then it will all be lost to uncontrollable crowds. Just ask some of us 35-45 year olds that remember the days of 82nd then 122nd then Broadway and so on. These groups are always looking for somewhere to go. I know I was one of them and brought a whole posse with me. To much of a good thing can get ugly real fast.

  19. I was around for Broadway lol... man that got busy fast and crazy :(
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