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~ Tuesday Night Coffee 2012 ~

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Brady, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. This will be the official Tuesday Night Coffee Thread for the year of 2012

    Please keep all event related photos and conversation in this thread.

    The original Tuesday Night Coffee thread is going to stay up, so if you would like to look back at it please feel free to do so:

    Also, the 2010 and 2011 threads will stay, just aren't a sticky anymore, this is the new sticky TNC thread. To view the 2010 and 2011 TNC pages and photos, click the following links:


    Tuesday Night Coffee is a time for people of the motorcycle community to come together and hang out.

    Originating through motorcycle forum, Tuesday Night Coffee started August 12th, 2008 with about 5 people who shared the hobby of motorcycle riding. Now hosting well over 100 riders for this event, it has grown at a extremely rapid pace.

    The event is hosted in Beaverton, Oregon at a Coffee House Ava Roasteria located at:

    4655 SW Hall Blvd.
    Beaverton, OR

    A great facility with great drinks, food and a very supportive friendly staff.

    It is held weekly, year round starting at 7pm. We are there every Tuesday, rain, shine, and even snowy weather. Doesn't matter if you ride, drive, walk or ride public transportation, it is a great opportunity to get out and meet many new friendly people.

    I hold food drive's, prize raffles and give aways of all sorts at random times. All **SPECIAL** event details are posted in here, with enough time for you to plan for it.

    Anyone and everyone is welcome at this event but the main focus was started around motorcycle riders of all kind...Scooters, Harleys, Enduros, sportbikes. Doesn't matter, if you are on two wheels with a motor - its a motorcycle.

    So please, if you're in the area - drop on by, doesn't matter if you ride or if you just want to check out the bikes.

    Number of people there varies depending on weather .

    Any questions or comments feel free to E-Mail me text me or call me.


  2. First the worse second the best lol
  3. Bahaha. Just like kindergarten.

    Looking forward to the 2012 edition of TNC! (And doing more photo experimenting!)
  4. Gotta love when people say "first"....No matter how hard you try, my post is the only true "First"...Proof being the "#1" in the post window ;) Nice try
  5. Way to ruin my day Brady... im going to go cry now.
  6. Im in the top ten. does that count for anything.

    Cant wait to be apart of more pre rides and TNC events. had a good intro to riding last year and i only hope to improve this year.

    You will see me around march/april
  7. 2012 TNC Kickoff tonight!!

    EDIT: That does not mean i'm bringing beer for everyone...
  8. First scooter checking in.. :)
    I would love to join you guys/gals tonight but I gotta pack for Hawaii. :nana
  9. Have fun man!!! :mfclap:
  10. You gunna fold that bike of yours up and take it with you?

    Bet it would fit in a large suitcase.......

    (I would love to be there when he puts it through security.....):secret:
  11. You dont know how bad I would like to try that. break the frame down into one suitcase, tires and other odds in my 2 checked bag and my carry on will be my motor. I can buy clothes when I get to the island. Security would hate me. Idd have to drain my oil and other fluids because id be over the legal amount I could bring on the plane. :scratchea
  12. doh!! I just realized it's Tuesday night! :tard:
  13. For the first Tuesday Night Coffee of 2012, we couldn't have had better weather! Plenty of motorcycles out, one very nice car, and loads of great people!

    Thanks everyone for kicking the new year of motorcycle events off the right wait!

    Time for more event planning to begin for me! LOL
  14. You know I had a fun time trashing this thread last year when you first posted it up, Brady. I would be more than happy to do so again.
  15. I think we can pass on that one :) Though I appreciate the offer, and I know the trashing intentions are good, We can always look back at the wonderful memories from years past and do without on this years thread! Thanks though haha!
  16. Hey everyone, just got a phone call from some great guys who are and will be further involved, fairly heavily with Tuesday Night Coffee this summer.

    They are looking for all of our opinions on what we would like to see in regards to in house speakers and information.

    What are YOU looking for?? Let's make this summer better than before....Please keep comments related to this post so it's easier for me to snag the helpful suggestions and information to use for this.

    You're welcome to post you opinion on this thread for me, as well as others to see **might spring some ideas in their heads** but you are also more than welcome to send me your ideas and opinions via PM here, or on facebook if you have me on there.
  17. Any pics of the first event.? i always love seeing them
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