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Tuesday Night Rides

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by BlackSabbatical, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Here we go again for a third year.

    Place: Cornelius Pass Rd Chevron off of US 26 next to Panda Express and Fred Meyers

    Date: Every Tuesday Evening thru to October weather pending

    Destination: Cafe Ava, although this is NOT a TnC sponsored event we will wind up at the bike night at Ava In Beaverton

    Time: meet is around 5:20-5:30 Kicks up At 6:00, if you are going to be late, dont be more than 5 mins and text someone. The ride should last until about 8-830 and wind up at Cafe Ava

    Experieance Level: Those with more than 1 season or more riding under their belt.

    Pace: The pace will be brisk but we generally wont go more than 10 over the speed limit and obey all traffic laws.

    Route: The route will vary from a skyline romp to Hagg Lake, Or a nehalem/bald peak run into Newberg and possibly a vernonia/scappoose run time permitting

    This year I urge you if you are brand new to riding to go on to Brady's TnC Tuesday nighter which is NOT affiliated with this ride, you will learn more there with Brady and the gang as it will be more instructor oriented and should be a good time with lots of instruction with experienced riders at various moto shops around the city.

    Disclaimer: this ride is not meant to be a race, and dangerous activities are NOT encouraged or tolerated on the ride. This ride is not endorsed in any way by PNWriders forum, myself or any of the designated ride leaders or sweeps are not responsible for the actions you make on your motorcycle. Any mishap or liability that may occur because of you, you are responsible for. Not anyone else.

    Let's have a great Season
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  2. in

    once this fucking rain stops...

  3. I would go but.........F---N RAIN
  4. Will make it ....:mrgreen:
  5. Lets do this!!!!

    Did you get your suspension tuned by Brian?
  6. Is there still going to be a faster and a slower group? or just one

    looking forward to coming in a few weeks.
  7. I would urge beginners to do Brady's thing, and beginners I mean those who have little to no riding experieance but it really depends on how the group is organically, for sure the hagg lake rides will be all of us going as a full group till we get to Hagg, or the skyline run will be everyone as a group till we get to skyline, I think once we stop at germantown rd on the way to Ava we all regroup as there at the burned out cafe and go to Ava as one full group instead of a fractured mess.

    and yes it is weather permitting, if it looks like rain at all the night before then Ill put it off.
  8. saving my pennies
  9. well poop guys, looks like 70% chance of rain on Tuesday so Im going to pre-empt it for next week, hopefully its nicer in 8 days time....
  10. 40% chance of Rain guys so Im taking the car in, I want to wait for better weather before I kick this thing off so hopefully next week, but I encourage anyone that does have their bike or seasonally rides and wants to get together to DO the ride, I always had hopes that this thing could stand on its own legs :)
  11. its down to 15% now. just sayin...
  12. shit rain this tuesday, looks like we are gonna put off for another tuesday
  13. looking like Rain AGAIN for Tuesday night so I am forced to wait ANOTHER WEEK, Apparently Oregon is a great place to live most of the year if you are a plant, hopefully the weekend and next week are nice....
  14. Looks great tonight Robbie
    MY boy
  15. hey i really wanna go, but i have to be down town at 7pm is there anywhere i could turn around/ loop back to get to nw?
  16. Is it on for tonight?
  17. I took the car into work today becasue of the frickin weather man so unless you guys wanna follow a Miata, lol I wont be there, but if you guys WANT to go ride, I urge you guys to meet there and do it! I gotta stop listening to but I dunno the clouds coming up out here on the west side are lookign pretty ugly...
  18. doing a skyline run is easy to do this
  19. I want to ride but don't want to be the only one to show. Anyone else going tonight
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