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Tuesday Ride... (completed, pic's attached)

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 12rOwner, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. I know this is a late post (didn't think about it until now) but a couple of us from the forum (You don't have to have a ZX-12R) are gonna hit HWY 20 over the cascades tomorrow. We are meeting at the Tulapip Casino in Marysville @ 10:00 am by the Orca. Sorry for the late notice again, don't flame me for being slow on the notice :lol:

    I promise to announce them further in advance!
  2. All good...I've seen the post on a few other forums as well. My 12 is in the shop or else I'd be there. I'm prayin I can ride this Thu and Fri, we'll see. If ya go, take pics! And spread the word about the site, please. I am jealous, I wanna go uggg

  3. is 20 even open yet or are you just oing as far as you can go?
  4. Well, we (Vance and I, that's all that went) had a great time today. Went as far as Diablo and turned around (as far as I know 20 is open). Lot's of sand though up around the Diablo area.

    BTW, the last pic is my tire when I got home... I knew my tire was getting close, but not that close. I have an appointment on the 22nd at Cyclebarn to have my new B010 200 rear installed. I wasn't going to do the front but after today's ride, it need's it.

    My bike it the black one and I'm the one in the red leather jacket.

    Here are some pic's:

  5. LOL, I'm posting the pic's on this forum and I will link it to the other forums.

    If they wanna see it, they got to come here. LOL
  6. The only thing better than one 12, is two 12's...very cool pics man. Hope to add another different color 12 here soon enough wuhahahahaha
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