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Tuned up?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Beerbohm, May 6, 2005.

  1. I took my bike in the other day and had it tuned up (7500mileservice) I got on it this moreing and poored the coals to it and it seamed in mid rang on the throttle it almost lost power for a second. They did not re-map or any thing like that. Any Ideas what may cause that. I picked it up last night and this moring was the first time hitting it hard.

  2. You have an '03 1000?

    I'd want to know more specifically what they did... Is it consistent? Did it get better or worse as it got warmed up?

    Fill it up recently?

  3. Catch me monday, we will ride, see if its something simple...

  4. Did they do your valves at 7500?

    The split-second loss of power is the FI, check your service manual to monitor FI error codes. I dont know if Suzuki has that like the Kawi but I can read the error code from the computer and it tells me what it is.

    90% out of the time, it's a bad ECU.

    If you have a Power Commander, unplug it and use the stock setup and try that.

    My ECU did that and was $1200 to be replaced, but thankfully I had an extended warranty. It went out when my odo showed 20,006 on the dot.
  5. THis is on the list of stuff they did
    Filter assy, eng
    oil, silf 10W40
    NGK spark plugg
    7500 mile service.

    All this for about 200$

    Did they forget to do something?
  6. If that two hundred included parts, that's a good deal! But no valve adjustment/inspection??
  7. 7500 mi service is supposed to include a throttle body sync. I wonder if they screwed it up or messed up a vacuum line or something... I'd take it back to them and let them know.