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Turn that ZX-10R into a true Ninja...a Streetfighter!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hey Gleno.
    Just having a look at ya ZX10R steetfighter. Man thats one hot ride. Im in the process of getting my hands on a smashed 10 to do the same thing. Just a quick question, Where did you get your hands on the headlight suround and belly pan?
    And dose the air ram com through the front?

  2. Jonny Beans isn't Gleno, Gleno was Gleno on the Board. Beans I believe is Daniel?

    Ughh Eww I don't even wanna see front end shots, from the side that headlight cowling looks FUGLY did they chop up a stock nose or something?. The rest looks pretty good though.
  3. i think that thing would look a lot better w/o that ugly upper fairing.
  4. Ec3ll3r8-My girl says you can give her the shocker, too.
  5. :mfclap: hmmm i will consult my girl and see if she would would be willing to make an emergency shicker flight to the pnwcrackup:
  6. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Awwww who Fcensored: Ked-up the nice Kawasaki? STOP BIKE Abuse!:nana
    But, what do I know I ride a YAMAHA!vtr2: Hhahahahahahahaha!
  7. step

    step Dockmaster

    I think the entire thing needs to be flat black w/single headlight and some sort of shorty
    GP style exhaust oh and maybe some of the of those racerailz that everyone hates on
  8. not down with the wheels or the headlight
  9. i guess it's cool, except for how ghey it looks :thefinge:
  10. Yeah I've never really been into the street fighter look and this one really doesn't do it for me either.
  11. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Yeah, the silver makes it look a little too ummmmm, sophisticated? +1 on the flat black.