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Two wheel tuesdays 2009 !

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by cityxslicker, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Its a full go, we are kicking it off in style. Doing it a bit different this year.
    Meet at shop between 4;30-6:30 We will have the local Taco Fiesta goin on, come down and see us for food, beverages and loud music. If you want to roast off that last bit o tire, let us know before hand so we can get a spare ready ;)
    Addy is 2320 6th Street Bremerton. We are doing the food all summer long, every Tuesday. The ride will go rain or shine, come with a full tank of gas
    Ride leaves at 7oo prompt.
  2. 700pm? whats the average distance of the ride gonna be??

  3. Secondary party staging held directly across the street :drunk:

    Can't wait-should make for a great summer!
  4. Rides are on the same format as last year. No endos, no wheelies, no stunting, no highspeed passes, all rides are safe and sane keep your license kind of putts. Usually we will burn through a tank of gas, and the goal is to always clock at least 100 miles from door to door. We ride rain or shine. Its an adult ride, but we do like to have some fun too.

    Sorry gang, we will NOT be railing through Elfendaul pass at 100+mph
  5. i did a couple last year, good time. just watch the weather! even if it's decent during the day, the nights get fuggin cold! i rode home once when it was 28 degrees. BAD choice:angry7:

    i'll go with ya. the other option is to haul the bikes with my truck, unload and ride, and reload so the 1.5 hour ride home is a little warmer...........
  6. Im down. Will be gone for mar/apr, so when I get back it'll be just right! Hope it will still be going on then!
  7. TWT is gonna get you nothing but troubles.....TRUST ME!!!!!
  8. So is this sponsored by said establishment or just you doing your thing?
  9. Tacos were great....beware the use of too much of the green sauce. Looking forward to future rides.
  10. I work wednesday mornings at a hospital so no drinking for me....

    Could we throw in a few friday nights here and there?

  11. Anytime. I always have Makers on hand. :evil4: We will just have to convince Cityxslicker to have a Friday night meet!
  12. We ran it all last year & the year before, no wrecks, no accidents, no tickets, no problems, and we did it every week until about November. It specifically says keep squidly notions away from our ride, these rides are not for that. We just changed up the venue and the food for this year. We're all adults, everyone knows their limits, these rides are safe and sane and keep your license kind of rides. If someone cant manage to play by those guidelines, I suspect they will be bored, or will be asked not to return.
  13. Jack or Jim are actually my favorites but I'll bring some to replace the makers....
  14. Now that's MY kind of drink! Word!
  15. I'll have to start a thread entitled "name your favorite whiskey" :mrgreen:
  16. Fridays are the days I go skirt chasin..... so I am usually booked ;)
  17. This weeks destination.... NORTH,
    Rolling at 700pm, headed up to Port Townsend and a nice loop back down through Port Hadlock and through Paradise
  18. I won't be able to make the ride, (gotta catch the 755 ferry to work:banghead:)
    but should be able to dropp in to say hi (maybe try the tacos)

    bump for tonight
  19. I might drop by just to say hi and take a look around, but can't make the ride.
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