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unmarked police cars

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by millejim, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. i know we are all law abiding citizens here........
    on the Milwaukie Expressway i saw a silver Dodge Durango unmarked vehicle with a truck pulled over yesterday.
    the Durango even had a dent in the rear hatch/door.
    so with the nice weather and the so-called crack downs this summer, just wanted to give a heads up!
  2. Thanks.

    In redmond there is a grey or silver charger that gets people every time.

  3. I saw a silver Dakota with a canopy on MLK and a brown Buick Regal on se 223rd. I'm thinking they would normally radio a patrol car to get you.
  4. Look for the aftermarket strobe lights added to the backside of said "unmarked" cars.

    Looking far enough ahead in traffic, I can pick-um up in time too back off the rev meter..
  5. The Mustang that lurks on 26 shows no signs at all it's a cop car.
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  6. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    There’s a Silver 4 door Honda Civic over here in Hillsboro too, very dark tinted windows and usually kept unwashed! It has no light bar across the back either, that I’ve seen on anyway, or any extra antennae!!!

    I thought the constitution (or some famous manuscript) had a rule about law enforcement needing to be "conspicuously marked"..... :x
  7. Nissan extera and a Subaru forester in Beaverton.
  8. Cause it isnt about getting people to follow the law by reminding them to slow down with a police presence.

    Its all about the fucking money.

    A business that can throw you in jail if you aren't willing to buy
  9. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    thanks.... their a few crown vic's around that will give you an award too..... :roll:
  10. give'em a ticket for illegal driver side window tint :mfclap:
  11. There are big white signs everywhere that remind people to slow down. In fact they have the speed that the police would like you to stay under, written in big-ass black letters. Since when should police have to remind you to slow down in "police presence"? I get so fucking tired of idiots that do that shit. Usually they drop way below the speedlimit. If it was up to me, there wouldn't be any marked cars at all. People shouldn't have to see a white and black car with lights on top and the word "POLICE" written all over in order to do the right thing and drive responsibly, and within the law.

    It's not a business, it's law enforcement. If you don't break the law, you don't get any trouble.

    Okay it is like a business:

    Starbucks: You don't like their coffee? Think it costs way too much? Think it tastes like shit? Hate the music? Then don't fucking go in there.

    Cops: You don't like getting pulled over for speeding? Don't speed.
    You don't like tickets for little/integrated turn signals? Don't use little/integrated turn signals.
    Don't like getting arrested for doing wheelies? Don't do wheelies.
    Don't like getting hassled for a plate that is way up under your tail? Put it where you know damn well it should be.

    It's the same stupid ass logic that people use when they sue for spilling hot coffee all over their crotch, or because they got cancer from smoking cigarettes, or the bag didn't say that it wasn't a toy, so I let my kid play with it. "well they didn't tell me that my actions would require the most basic of common knowledge and ability to conduct myself as a motherfucking adult. Therefore it is somebody else's fault"
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  12. Ya theres a white mustang with 2 blue racing stripes down the middle and a hood scoop and tinted windows that lurks on the I-5 between portland and salem, I see him getting people all the time, doesnt look like a cop car AT ALL.
  13. oh well, it's not like you have to stop for them.
  14. you know guys.... rc is right... no one has the right to bitch about anything ESPECIALLY in the US of A... you know why ? because YOU DECIDE what you want... in one year this issue could easily be taken care of, but people are too stupid to see the easy solution.

    you live in a country where the masses CAN change stuff, the problem is that the masses dont vote (thats right, I went there).

    If the majority of people vote to up the speed limit guess what, it will be increased.
    If the majority of people vote to removed unmarked cars guess what, they will be removed.
    If the majority of people vote to change the job of the traffic division to handle only accidents and other non give tickets guess what, that will change

    and yes

    This is America, a country where YOU can change what you dont like... but people are idiots and the minority vote to change laws in their favor and win... why ? because only the minority votes.

    feel free to rip this post apart, should be fun :)
    *puts on fire suit*
    flame away flamers :D
  15. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Nope. No rule about that anywhere.
  16. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    you're absolutely correct! i think we should make it illegal to Not vote! crackup: imagine getting a 190$ ticket because you didn't want to help yourself! god the ignorance of people irritates me sometimes.... :angry7:

    LOL you know what law i just described? the seat belt law! it's only their to protect someone to stupid to help themselves! :fallinga:
  17. crackup: actually the sad part is I think I agree :stir: sad part is, you could probably petition for that law to come into effect and so few people would vote, that it would probably get passed. than people would start screaming "wtf is this fine for" and "why didnt I hear about this" well uhh... buddy... it was all over the news, and you had a chance to vote for it... oh wait... you dont vote so that means keep your mouth shut and pay up crackup: :mfclap: crackup: :thefinge:

    I think we've officially turned this thread into a more political thread than one about unmarked cop cars crackup: oh well the solution is still one easily solved by voting.

    speaking of which, what was the deal a few yrs ago with cops having to keep all their lights on even at night if they were going to issue a ticket, or else it was entrapment ? rumor had it that they gave a ticket to kitzhaber or one of the oregon politicians and his payback was to force them to keep lights on for people to know where they're at ? :scratchea I'm probably wrong and just a rumor, but I do distinctly remember cops about 10yrs ago were required to have their lights on. and I mean headlights / rear lights, not their red and blues.
  18. That's the beauty of our system: it's completely voluntary. I would rather have the lazy and uninformed not voting.

    I remember hearing that same thing (in Washington) when I was a teenager. There might be some truth to it though. I do remember seeing every cop at night having their lights on. Down here they don't do that. Down here they will sit right on the shoulder of the freeway next to the jersey barrier, or way off the road in the grass.

    How is it entrapment if they have their lights off?

    From Wikipedia:
    In criminal law, entrapment is constituted by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.

    I'd really like to see some one argue that one at a hearing. I think it has more to do with the safety regulations for the different states/jurisdictions.
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  19. On that note, and I do agree with you, I have heard of this Hwy 26 Mustang trying to induce 'racing' out of some cars/bikes. Wouldn't that constitute entrapment?
  20. i got hit by one today. not gonna list what i got cause i don't wanna hear the bs from all the perfect "angels" here.

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