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UPDATE on that ticket I received...

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by djTOY2000, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. (from this thread - )

    had my mitigation hearing, went good i guess and explained what and why and all that...

    ending up getting a $90 infraction on the exhaust, and $150 to pay for a year deferral (no tickets allowed - 1 year) on the speeding and it does not go on my record

    that's all
  2. yeouch .. thats washington

  3. Cool that you got 1 of them deferred. Still think you should have spent that money on an attorney. If the whole thing went down exactly as you described, it was a bogus ticket. For just a bit more than you paid the court just about any attorney should have been able to get that ticket dropped. Then you could have saved your deferral for something good.
  4. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    A lawyer would have destroyed those tickets.
    -He didn't assess your speed through any legal measuring device or system.
    -How did he know that your exhaust was not DOT legal?

    djtoy2000 not lawyering up....
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  5. Thank you for updating with this thread. I might actually get some sleep tonight now.
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  6. Gotta love it when people don't lawyer up.
  7. WoW that is a load off my life been sitting here since the first thread chewing my fingernails hoping that it would have a happy ending.
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  8. Had you spent that $240 on a lawyer, all of it would simply have gone away. Instead, the next cop on-a-mission to pull you over is going to see these tickets and the deferral, and he'll screw with you big time.
  9. It's all how you present yourself. I didn't need to "lawyer up", to admit 'yes your honor, I did lift the front tire off the surface of said roadway', Judge, bless his HUMAN heart, dismissed said violation and 550.00 fines/fee's. My point is: they/we are only human. treated with respect,honor and you shall to receive. Take ownership, have a laugh and get on with it ....
  10. +1 Sometimes you just have to man up and admit when you are wrong.
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