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Using the Clutch to wheelie

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Gixxer6, May 8, 2005.

  1. How do you use the cluth when doin wheelies? I have just been using strictly throttle. Anything would help. Thanx
  2. Having warms tires is a must or it will just spin. After that simpley pull the clutch in a bit bring rmp's up and let the clutch out. Also reffered to as "slipping the clutch". I have done it that way a few times but not very good at it as of yet. I would suggest riding with some one who is good at it and watch and listen to there bike. I have a dvd that explains the whole thing in detail. As soon as I get it back from my budy I will loan it to ya.

  3. I suck ass at them, but clutching is pretty easy. Check out, they have some good tutorial stuff put up by the LV crew, starboyz, etc...

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    954rr Thumper

    it helps if you are going to clutch if you gear it down. jay c did it and he's pulling 3rd gear wheelies on the freeway. i just use power to hold it up in 1st and stand up in 2nd. still trying to get the balance thing down
  5. Practice on a dirtbike...dynamics and positioning are the same.
    Gearing it down is a good suggestion and makes everything easier BUT it isn't a requirement for clutching. Actually gearing only helped me with power wheelies at high speed (100+ mph). You don't have to slow down and drop it into second or third gear. Just leave it in 4th...or even 5th (he he he) and pull it up.
    Clutching can be scary to learn, but once you get used to it and develop consistency, it's great. Mainly because you save yourself about 3,000 rpm to continue climbing and allows you to ride the wheelie farther and at slower speed.
    What I would suggest is you get consistant with the clutch and use your rpm's as the variable. Just raise your revs about 1000 at a time starting at about 3500 and keep raising them with each consecutive attempt until you find YOUR LIMIT...DON'T PUSH IT!!!! Stay relaxed...good luck.
  6. FYI -- I would never say bootay....


  7. Hay bud. If your interested in gearing your bike down I did it. I have an 04 Gixxer 600. I dropped one tooth on the front and went up 2 in the back. What this did for me is able me to clutch it up to the BP in 2nd at about 25-30mph. I would not recomend clutching in first at all until you get used to the gearing. I can clutch it up in 3rd at about 50-55mph. When in third you can pack the forks for a long ways. Now I must say that all my wheelies are sit down. I know you can bounce it up in 3rd on a stand up but I can't do that yet. The only thing I miss about my stock gearing is the top end speed and riding on the free way at higher rpm. A lot of guys I ride with have 1000's and I can not hang with them up on top but in the twisties I can hang with the best of them. Good luck and take it slow and cover that rear break at all times :rr:
  8. How high up are you pulling your rpm's when slipping the clutch? would you guys say its easier finding your balance point sitting down or standing? Thanx for the info!!
  9. KEEP YOUR A$$ ON THE SEAT!!! And although I've never ridden with you (or maybe I have, I have no idea who you are) I don't know how far you are carrying the front or how high you are now. But don't do the typical newbie-wheelier mistake of going too far too soon. Take your time and keep practicing. Its good that you keep asking questions. Keep 'em coming and ride safe. You'll get it, just go at YOUR own pace. Keep us updated on your progress.
  10. NOT using the clutch, I am able to ride a wheelie in second from about 50mph (at the bottom bottom of my powerband), completely wrapping up second to about 105mph standing up, i feel more balanced. I think its the dirtbikes that have made me want to stand up. But i think i am doing something wrong. Cause when i try to use the clutch, i can only seem to get the front wheel off the ground maybe a foot (in second). i dont know if i am not wrapping it up high enough before letting the cluth or what. But yeah still struggling. I love the advice tho. Thanks a bunch.

    Oh yeah, hey LoveHate, this might sound stupid to most, but what does BP mean when you were talking about gearing down?
  11. BP=Balance Point

    I didn't realize you were doing stand-ups. Personally, I don't use the clutch when doing stand-ups. But some of my friends in Tri-Cities do use the clutch at all times (sitting/standing). Again, once you get'll like it WAY better than just cracking the throttle. At least, thats my opinion. There are a lot of others out there who wheelie better than me.
  12. With me running a 600 does my bike even have the power to pull the front wheel on anything higher then second? When clutching it do i have to be in my powerband or can i still do it in the low rpms?
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    when you rap out second gear, shift into third and keep going.
  14. Do this and YOU WILL CRASH!! Gixxer6, don't worry about shifting til you get comfortable riding out one gear. Shifting can be very dangerous if you shift too late in the RPM's, you'll fall back into your power curve and loop out due to the huge surge of power. Don't even think about anything else...small steps will bring you the most success. And you're probably right, a stock 600 will have difficulty pulling up in any gear above 2nd (possible, but hard). You don't have to change your bike to learn good wheelies though.
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    I havent, SO i dont know what your talking about Mr. Nurse!
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    Shifting into third gear while doing a wheelie is very easy, just practice your throttle control. Dont need to be on it 100%.
  17. I do not pay attention to my RPM's sorry. I listen to my bike and then watch my Speedo. When I clutch it, it is very fast so my RPM's dont get too high. Its not like Im getting it up to 1300 or 1400 RPM's. Its just a little bit more then when you start the clutching process. Yes Johnny-B answered what BP was. (Thanks bud) IMO you should ride with some one who knows more about wheeling than you do. I now that all this info can get confusing. I do not want to see a post up here about how you looped your bike. I had a VERY good guy help me out where I needed it. I think that helped more than reading. If you do want to read more about it here are some web sites I know about. and go to the stunt forum. and look for there stunt forum. Like Johnn-B said take it very slow. :rr:
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    Like my old soccer coach used to say, practice, practice, practice. You can never learn it all, so gradually build your way up. Keep it safe!
  19. Thanks a bunch guys. I appreciate it. Hope I will get better one of these days.
  20. Hey six, Ive been practicing on the triumph, and still dont succeed much, but practice is a good thing. Lets go out and work on our wheelies a bit sometime on a nice roving route or private road. Just let me know the day, I worked my ass off today and started to get some really short carries in 2nd, so im thinkin the more I work the better right now.