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V65 Sabre Radiator Hose

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Ordrock, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. I have a 1984 V65 Sabre. The bike was sitting for a while and I'd like to get-er back to hauling ass again.

    My son and I are working on the thing and he's kind of impatient and cut the damn hoses off. Of course Honda no longer makes the stuff.

    It's about 18mm. or 7/8". The wall thickness is about 6mm. Hell, I'd even go for some of that groovy colored stuff.

    So if anyone has a hook-up for that stuff, I'd appreciate it greatly.


    Medford, OR
  2. Whew good luck with your search, I have a 1986 VF500 so I know of what you face working on your Sabre.

    Search ebay and you might get lucky. I've managed to get parts unavailable here from Europe a couple of times for both my Interceptor and for a 91 400 Bandit as well.

    In some instances folks have resorted to flex hose with a spring inserted inside to match ID to prevent/resist collapsing in a tight turn.

  3. can't help with your problem, unless it's selling that thing:devil:
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