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Vancouver bike night!!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by galenernest, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub


    Vancouver, WA PNWRider's bike night


    Every Saturday starting at 6:00 pm.


    Crave Grill
    13025 NE 4th Plain Rd #104
    Vancouver, WA 98682

    Come on out and meet up with fellow PNWRiders in the Vancouver area and be a part of our first bike night! It's time to eat, drink and be merry. All ages, all riders, all models welcome! Drive your car, take the bus, ride your motorcycle, walk, whatever. Just come on out!!
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  2. They serve coffee at pizza joints right? I'm in.
  3. i should be down.. any place and time is good

    also should be bi weekly :D
    a month is just such a long time
  4. I think all sports bars serve coffee! :mrgreen: No ideas, just a thought.
    I am game...
  5. Hey -- why don't cha come to the local ABATE meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wend at Pied Piper on 4th Plain at 7pm then ride afterwards.

    Would be nice getting imput from some new blood.
  6. Does that mean tomorrow? I think most of the folks might be travelling out of town or something....
  7. Nope this week is the 4th

    so next Wends.
  8. even though I live in Portland I'll have to check out your bike night from time to time
  9. all are welcome, no matter where you live...:mrgreen: i'ts all about the love of bikes and rides...
  10. my bad, I was looking at our company's calender, which is little different due to the finincial reporting guidelines!...have to keep that in mind...:scratchea
  11. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Sweet! I hope to finally meet you!

    Well... there's probably a billion restaurants, so I'll throw out a few suggestions to get things started. We have about a week to iron down a spot for next Wednesday. Let's keep it all ages/family friendly. (It sucked when I was too young to hang out with my friends.)

    Meet location-wise, here's a few suggestions that come to mind:

    El Presidente
    312 E Evergreen Blvd
    Easy to get to from 14 and I-5, all ages, never packed, plenty of room, decent food. There's also a lounge (21+) with TV's and, of course, adult bevs.

    Hazel Dell Brewpub
    8513 NE Highway 99
    Easy access off I-5 and 78th Street, or easy access from Padden Parkway (I-205). All ages, good food, they have a couple large tables for big groups. Kinda pricey food, though. The beer is excellent!

    Blind Onion Pizza and Pub
    Grand and Mill Plain (across from the cemetery).
    All ages, great pizza, good selection of beer. Easy access from I-5 and SR14.
    Also a couple large tables for big groups, but it is kind of a small place.

    There's a ton more... let's hear em!
  12. Other suggestions:

    Who Song & Larry's MexicanWho Song & Larry's Mexican
    111 SE Columbia Way

    1919 SE Columbia River Dr

    McMenamins on the Columbia
    1801 SE Columbia River Dr

    All have nice view of the river and are close to I-5 and 14. Anyway, for me it just need to be on a bus road...or at walking distance of downtown Vancouver...
  13. I like Beaches, they have happy hour from 4-6 everyday and appetizers are awesome…
    And can’t beat the view…:mfclap:
  14. I'll put in a vote for Mcmenamin's on the Columbia. Easy to get to, family friendly, good coffee, good food and great beer. (one of my regular hangouts, so I'm a bit biased);-)
  15. Hey Everyone, I just moved to the Vancouver/Portland area a couple of weeks ago. I'm down for any location, it'll be great to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts... Look forward to meeting you guys... take it easy
  16. Hi and welcome Peter, I look forward to meeting everyone.

    McMenamin's has my vote and it's close for Mel8)
  17. crackup: I say we hop from place to place until we find the perfect one ;) Actually, I will go anywhere. I like the Columbia River ideas (I've never been to either Beaches or McMenimans) Well, been there...but not inside. Hehe
  18. McMenamin's works for me...and I like the 'hop from one place to another until we find something we like' idea.....:mfclap::mfclap: