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Vancouver/Southwest Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Harris, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Ok so lets get this started! (Rules under photo)

    this one should be pretty easy


    Between Vancouver and Cougar


    The Rules (copied from Portland):

    * To start, I will post a photo and a clue.

    * Individually (or as a group), other participants ride to the same place and get a photo with THEIR bike at the same spot.

    * The first person to "tag" the photo by posting their photo then posts the next photo for people to find. He/she is "it". One "it" at a time kids. Name the tagged location for others.

    * The boundaries will be Centralia to the North, Goldendale/Maryhill to the East, The Columbia River to the South, and the Pacific on the West. (Or there abouts. If it's outside of that general area, you might want to provide some more specific clues.)

    If no one is able to identify the tag, the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally finds it. The idea isn't to stump people, but to get people down interesting roads, so folks should be able to figure it out somehow. If nobody can figure it out in a week then "it" needs to tell folks where the site is, and the first person to post is then the next "it".

    Ready, Set, GO!
  2. Wow look at all the gravel on that road! I might get "Nicks" on my paint job if I go there.

  3. I don't believe this is a local picture because it looks as though the Sun is shining!
  4. Does this mean i can up there and get tags at 3am like i do down here:mfclap::mfclap:. Dont worry if i do ill keep it in your boundaries.
  5. Sweeet! Another photo tag! And this one closer than Medford! :mrgreen:
  6. Damn you 3 am riders:evil4:
  7. 3am or 3pm, it shouldn't matter, just get at it. Of course, thats what she said....

    It would be nice to have a "regional" tag game but I wouldn't want the Oregon riders feeling like they had to come across the big scary bridges just to play. :evil4: Plus I think we still allow texting while driving in this State, (well we must anyway because everyone stil does it) and since Oregon is now a Utopia for drivers, it could be a rude awakening for visitors from the South. :nana
  8. Sounds like someone is forming the Dunh-Dunh-Duuuuuh (melodramatic music for epic effect) Pre-Dawn Patrol!!!

    They ride before 5. :salute:
  9. Ok, I'll play.

    Nick's Bar & Grill Amboy, WA.

    I thought about heading up to Centralia or somewhere else at the very limit of the field. But decided not to as the weather is going to turn bad. And I didn't want to kill the game right from the start. I thought I'd start easy.


    Who's next?
  10. TAG!!!

    Mandy and her friend Alex and I went up and got the Tag this afternoon at Nicks.


    New Tag


    Hint* I decided not to do a 50-50 grind with the SV
  11. Crap! Dan you beat me by two minutes! I guess we will use your tag next. I get coffee across the street from there at Mon Ami all the time!
  12. Dam you both beat me
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
  13. Haha! Awesome! Photo tag is at it's best when this happens! Tripple happens! :mrgreen:
  14. How did you all not run into each other!? crackup:

    I see the SV is back on the road Rob :mfclap:
  15. Look here is another one of Nick's.crackup:

  16. lol I went up to the ranger station today too but not just got back so I figured someone got the shot already.
  17. LMAO ok so far that's 7 people that went up to Nicks today lol. Are we over achievers or what!

  18. Mark - who was that black gsxr who went with you guys? I saw one when I was headed home from class today about 1p that had a yosh r55 and an HID in the front. Sound like the same guy?
  19. Sounds like the same guy. I think his name was Alex, he was a friend of Mandy's this was the first time i met him.
  20. Yes, Finally. Going back to nights next week so I will have more time to ride it :mrgreen:
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