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Vancouver : Weekend Ride Tips ?

Discussion in 'Vancouver BC' started by FunRide, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Looking for practical tips and advise about Vancouver BC areas, for a weekend getaway.

    - Places to visit & to avoid.
    - Parking overnight.
    - Motorcycle-friendly hotel, motel, etc.

  2. Just a reminder that you need a Enhance Driver's License or Passport to cross the boarder. Also most avoid the main Blaine crossing and will take the 2nd or 3rd out. I do an annual trip to Vancouver Island and have routes and places to visit I could recommend there.

    Btw, here's an interesting little bit: There a little spit of land south of Tsawwassen that is actually the US - Pt Roberts. Might be worth an little side trip. Been wanting to do that on the way to VI.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    How about the mainland Vancouver BC?
    Any specific minimum Insurance than WA?
    About the land crossing, did you mean hwy 15 is usually less congested than main i-5?
  4. Beware if you travel in BC: But the road up to Whistler would be great on a motorcycle, and would be hard to keep your speed in check 8)

  5. :secret:And the road after Whistler through Lillooet is even better.
  6. Terrific!

    Is there any special requirement about BC insurance compare to basic WA liability on bikes?
  7. Uh huh! Then down Lytten/lillooet Hwy. I just might have to make a loop of it this summer and take my chances of not meeting any popos :mrgreen:
  8. Yes! It's on my "to-do" list too, along with hwy 20 and neah bay.
  9. Have only done day trips to Vancouver. If you're going with a group, check out the Rosellyn Suites. Can sleep up to 8 for about $50/night/per person and has a kitchen, nice place.
    Here's a list of the 4: and wait times:
  10. Planning on moving to Vancouver. Any tips?