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vid from Pacific Raceways 25AUG2012

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by blizanthimum, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. i had a blast and got to meet some cool new people.
    i also got to rape a 2012 BMW S1000RR for my whole last session courtesy of Seattle BMW.

  2. you sure the B'mr wasn't raping you for the whole last session...

    :mfclap: :nana crackup:
  3. on the back straight you let off the gas before the top of the hill. keep on it, shift if needed. this will lead to a "fun wheelie" at the crest and then let off the gas at the bottom of the dip.

    my definition of a fun wheelie is when the wheelie is short and you dont have to let off the gas or do anything with clutch/rear brake to bring it back down.

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    With the BMW, you should be getting a "fun wheelie" long before the crest...
  5. It does say it was his warm up lap... I bet by the end of the day he was letting the big dogs eat!

    Blizathimumhoohaahaidahomannstuff, what kind of mount did you use for the camera?
  6. Dont think he was on the bimmer... dont thinkthink they let people mount camera stickies on the demo plastics. Plus it was 2 laps in the vid :)