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Villopoto sold properties....

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crfracer96, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. he has sold his place in florida.. I wonder if he is planning a Euro 2o15 season after SX title #5? He has one year remaining on contract, has been over there past couple months... any bets he wants to show them who is the best?:popcorn:
  2. Hmmmm?
    Didn't pay attention close enough to know he had another year.
    Makes it interesting, thought he may have been a little burned out and getting tired of keeping it at the level he has been at.

  3. I'm warming up to the idea of Villopoto running the GP series. Herlings and maybe some of the other GP guys are coming over to the US for a race next month. Should be very interesting to see how he does.

  4. couple of points - Desalle/suzuki has not signed for next year (that I know of), don't think Kawi has any "key players" signed for 15 over there...

    RV has been in Europe for past few weeks with friends...

    next year is his farewell tour..... don't be surprised of some announcement in august.. or around the mxon.....

    the only piece I have yet to connect is who will fill his shoes here in the states...
  5. I think it was in a motocross action mag I got for my birthday, the monster energy team is going to be husky's now. Probably old news to you guys.
  6. That's strange news considering we're the Husky money man comes from.
  7. Rockstar ktm = Rockstar Husky in 2015

    also Husky = KTM in white...

    not Kawi
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  9. I stand corrected, it is monster energy. It'll be fun to see another bike brand out there (even though KTM is their partner)
  10. yea there are going to be a lot of major player changes for 15.

    Barcia - JGR
    Kroc - Husky
    davi - kawi
    Hahn - KTM or Husky
    Anderson - Husky

    lots of unknowns
    Stewart - FIM drug ruling potential suspension *will retire if imposed
    Villo - europe MXGP '15 (*i bet this happens)
    Reed team fold - he is broke $$
    RCH - wants a contender but who?

    big name euro riders are not signed for 15 FIM season yet. (Desalle by suzuki) *see Stewy above (again just my thougth)

    all riders displaced by first list riders on top move somewhere

    Have not looked at who points out from lites - Musquin? Bagget?

    will be quite a shuffle~!