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Vortex or Driven Rearsets? ('11 R1)

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Yamacrab, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. In the market for some adjustable rearsets and so far I've boiled it down to Vortex or Driven.

    I'm looking for opinions from people who have had experience with either of these rearsets. The quality looks fairly decent on the Vortex option and the price is very good from I know Driven has a pretty neat adjusting mechanism but I don't know a lot about them.
  2. DRIVEN! Vortex snaps very easily, while driven will just slide.

    I guess if cost is an issue, vortex are 2/3 the price, if not less.

    You should look into Sato or Arata or Gilles.

  3. Do you mean "snap" as in when I'm mid corner leaned over......? :S
  4. No, I mean after light crashing.

    My arata's held through 5-6 crashes on the cbr 600rr. Rohan's vortex went through 2 crashes, and broke 1 each time!

    Obviously there's differences in crashes, but I'm very happy with the arata's
  5. Sato are the shiz-nit! Expensive, but worth it. Of the choices, Driven for sure, for the reasons Sentor posted.
  6. My CBR came with Vortex and I thought they were awful. The teeth on the pegs are very aggressive; the sole of my boot would get stuck on them. I like to be able to move my feet a little easier than they allowed.
  7. Hmm sounds like Sato or Driven is the way to go. Thanks, I was just about to pull the trigger on the Vortex's but I don't want those things to break on me
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  8. I put vortex on my r6 and have nothing negative to say. havnt crashed yet so dont have any input. i love the grip of the pegs but they are noticeably bigger in diameter than other brands. i had to dremal off the kick stand assist nub so i could have more room for my foot to move around. but the biggest reason i got vortex is because i got the old style for 250 on closeout. lots of people use them so parts are easy to find usually.
  9. I guess it depends on what you would rather break in a crash. a 20$ foot peg or the mounting holes on the chassis itself. Ill go for the foot peg.
  10. Also depends on what sort of bike it's going on. If it's a street/track bike, get the nicest ones you can afford (I love my Satos). If it's a race bike, you should probably opt for fairly common rear sets that people in the pits are likely to have spares for, i.e. Woodcraft or Vortex.

    As a side note, I've installed Driven rear sets before and they're well made and easy to install.
  11. I have Vortex on my R1 and I'm really happy with them. I agree with MadManx, I'd much rather snap off a footpeg (they're redesigned now so just the end breaks off) than damage the frame. I got mine from TJ at Riders Discount. You definitely can't beat their price.
  12. I bent a shifter on the old style, directly through vortex I ordered a new one, they didnt want to break up a kit, it took 4 weeks to get a new one and it was for the new kit, it took 3 more weeks to get a new style foot peg to fit my new shifter, 8 weeks was way to long for replacement parts, Try EVOL tecnologies, he makes the best, he's a local business and a great guy
  13. I haven't dealt with hundreds of vortex, but I've never seen a footpeg break, only the mounting bracket on 6 sides now (vortex aluminum bracket, not off the frame)...

    On my bike, the pegs are ground down quite a bit, but not broken.
  14. New style, old style, or both? Just curious. I know the new pegs are supposed to slide better and/or break off at the end so you can keep riding after a crash. They don't eat boots quite as bad now either.
  15. JP, are you happy with the amount of adjustability for the R1 that Vortex gives you?
  16. I definitely am. Combined with the two mounting points on the frame I can't see needing anymore adjustment.
  17. Ive got Vortex,been down 1x didnt break, slight bend but good to go I have the old version, meaning the peg as I think that is only thing that changed correct me if wrong. I like em wish I had just a bit more adjustments up and back....short legs
  18. Not only the peg but the ID is smaller, if you bend a shift lever or brake lever you will have the new version, good luck finding the old bearings, or the old pegs
  19. I've used vortex rearsets on several of my bikes. Crashed my race bike and only had a slightly bent shift lever. A little heat and bent it back and was back on the track in 30 minutes. Also never had issues getting spare parts either. And I've had the older style and newer.
  20. I have had Vortex break while I was riding. It sucked. I crashed. I dont think the rearset had ever been crashed on, but if it had it was many track days prior.. like 35 ish.

    The adjustment plate is the part that snapped. This was on a 06-10 GSXR 600. Other bikes will of course use different parts/design/shape and most probably dont have the same Vortex design issue as my bike.

    Next time I will get Woodcraft, they make good stuff.
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