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WA/OR/NV/CA Trip- Leaving this Friday

Discussion in 'East Meets West' started by Xlrrp, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Wow, can't believe it's almost time to leave on my nine day motorcycle trip. I did my first one last year when I turned 50 and decided to make this a yearly event. Last year I stayed in motels. I realized I can lay in bed and watch tv at home, don't need to do it on my yearly trips. This year I will be camping instead. That should make the adventure 24/7 instead of a time out in a room.

    Today is maintenance day. Changing the motor, transmission and final drive oil and just a general safety check. A few days ago I had a new rear tire put on at Bent Lever in Vancouver, WA. Great shop by the way, really nice people. I bought my tire elsewhere and I learned they have great prices on tires and charge $10 less for mounting and balancing had I bought it from them. Next time!

    I'm leaving Friday and spending the night at a State Park in Bend. Then it's over to John Day to check that area out. After that it's a long ride to South Lake Tahoe where I will stay three nights (love that area). I did get a notice from the State Park (D.L. Bliss S.P. in Tahoe) that they will not have showers due to the water shortage. Guess I'll sneak down to the lake at night with a bar of soap :)

    After exploring Tahoe for three days I'll head over to the Northern California coast (Mendocino/Fort Bragg area) to visit my folks. From there it's up to a park near Crater Lake for a night and then back home. Part of the fun was planning where to go and what routes to take. That helped me survive the winter.

    Another task this weekend is to look at all the gear I want to take and decide what I need and leave the rest. My bike holds quite a bit of stuff, but I have a tendency to over pack "just in case" I need it. A few things that I will be bringing are an ice chest (Polar Bear soft cooler) and a BBQ.... Yes, a bbq. On one motorcycle camping trip I brought backpacking food and it was less than enjoyable. I like steak! I found a backpacking BBQ that takes very little room and I can buy the charcoal once I set up at the campsite.

    Bought a helmet cam for the trip (Drift Ghost S) and I am still playing around with it, but I think I have it figured out. I like the feature of continual recording but only saving what I "tag" with the remote control. I can save things I find interesting after they happen instead of saving tons of boring footage. After the trip I'll worry about the editing software. I'm trying a cooling vest this year and on a couple commutes home from work it seemed to help. It looks like I will hit some pretty warm weather during the trip.

    Well, that's it for now. I'll work on posting pictures when I can and maybe list what I decide to bring once I sort that out.

    2003 BMW K1200LT
  2. I just did a similar route last week. Fun fun on an 04 adventure.
    If you have smart phone the ALLSTAYS CAMP AND RV app is a good one for finding camping spots. Remember that most of the RV places have showers and at least a decent place to put up a tent.

    Cheers ride safe!

  3. subscribed! pretty jealous too!
  4. So jealous. I'm sitting at home with a broken shoulder and all my riding plans are completely out for the summer.
  5. Rode through Tahoe area two weeks ago. Be advised that there is construction/paving on west Lake Tahoe (Hwy 89). If you really like sitting in traffic and construction then go for it, otherwise I'd go a different route. Even when you're clear of it, though, traffic goes 35-40 most in the 55 zones and there's few passing opportunities. Old Donner Pass is fun.

    There is a fire in Markleesville so Monitor and Ebbetts Passes are still closed.

    Not sure the route you're taking from John Day to Tahoe, but Hwy 205 south from Burns to Fields then Denio Junction and Hwy 140 to Lakeview is a beautiful ride. Time your ride right and stop for the best milkshakes in Fields. Not a lot out there civilization-wise but it's amazing scenery.