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Wa state Ferry lines

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by h92low, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. A week ago, I was told by the Ticket agent at the main Edmond's toll booths that when there is line up of cars waiting, to bypass the main booths, and proceed straight to the little toll booth at the beginning of the dock and purchase my ticket there before proceeding to the bike staging area at the front of lanes 1 & 2. If there is no line up of cars, that I could buy my ticket at the main booths, but that I would still need to stop at the dock booth and hand my ticket to that agent anyways.

    Long story short, at Edmonds, just go to the dock toll booth and pay there.

    Oh, and at the Mukilteo dock, ride down the "Local" lane all the way to the toll booths and then cut in to the left booth's line. there is a sign over that lane that says something like Recognized HOV.

  2. Necropost! So... things still the same these days? Just cut in line? Specifically Coupeville and Mukilteo.
  3. There is a separate waiting area for bicycles (which load first) and motorcycles (which load second) at each ferry dock. You're not cutting in line, you're going into the motorcycle line. When you pay at the booth, ask for directions to the motorcycle waiting area. If there is a long line at the pay booth, park at the terminal and buy your ticket inside at the walk-on counter. (or pre-pay online and print your ticket).
    Also, if you get to the ferry while cars are loading you will have to wait and get on last (there is always room for a bike) they dont mix cars and bikes.
    This applies to all the state ferries in Puget Sound.
  4. Thanks. I was curious about the long lines to the pay booth. But buying the ticket at the walk-on counter should help speed things up a bit.

  5. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    No, at Mukilteo just drive down the regular road next to the line until you reach the booths, then cut in behind any car at a booth. If you go to the walk on booth, they'll send you back. There is no ferry in Coupeville, but if you mean Clinton, same deal, drive down the regular road to the light before the booths, then jump in behind any car.
  6. Thanks for the tip! Might try that this weekend, somewhere. Just for fun.
  7. Good to know, i'm not as familiar with those docks.
  8. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I know it varies at different docks, like at Edmonds you can ride down and park and walk up to the pedestrian booth, but Mukilteo they don't like that? I just happen to live a few blocks from Mukilteo, so I am pretty familiar.
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    Is the search function on this site, with its new and improved format, broken?
  10. So, it sounds avoid having to cut in line anywhere...and to avoid having a person at the walk-on dock booth turn you away, one can just use a kiosk down by the dock once you've parked your motorcycle (bike) with the bike heard. I would imagine every dock has a kiosk, as I don't see a list of those that don't on the ferry website. I was concerned about buying a ticket online ahead of time in case plans changed en route, with the only save being that the online tickets are good for 90 days per the website....if you'd go again some day. I've taken my bike on a ferry once, being the Fauntleroy-Vashon, but had no line so just bought at the booth. I'm heading to Mukilteo-Clinton tomorrow, so might try the kiosk method even if there is no line just to test it out.
  11. WP_20161129_001[2001].jpg ....was a nice day for a ride! Mukilteo-Clinton wants you to go through the booths on each side, and wants you to ride all the way down to the booths and ease into line right at the booth. Mukilteo has a dedicated motorcycle lane on the left that you get into from the booths. Clinton has a yellow lined waiting box or two directly in front of the car waiting lanes, that you also get to via the booths. The ticket booth staff said do not wait in line.