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Walker Rabid Rocks 3. Riders 2. 08/08/09 Report.

Discussion in 'Trail Reports' started by ttomx, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. [Repost from my Thumpertalk post]

    Sometimes the odds are just stacked against you I guess, but hey 2 out of 5 ain't bad right?

    Saturday I met up with some coworkers and a snowmobiling buddy to ride Walker. I needed a little change up from the regular Taneum routine and hadn't been out to Walker since 2005. The day started out pretty typical with a warm up rally on the Jam trail to Muddled to Meanderings with the intent to take a break and play on some sandpit climbs.


    Somewhere along the way on Short Timers I believe, Luke timbered over on a boulder and broke some plastic loose that held his battery in place puncturing a hole in his air filter.. which we believed was the extent of the damage. Nothing a few zip tye's and borrowed skin won't solve, right?

    Once at the pit, climbs where had.




    Luke dipped into some loose rock and had a field day.

    When he got back out we noticed quite a bit of oil dripping from his bike. Upon further inspection, looks like the boulder hit was a little more intense than breaking some plastics..


    Luke's day was over, so we plotted the best route out and everyone doubled back toward the lot to make sure he made it.


    Our party of five was now down to four, so we rallied up Coyote to Judy's to Centennial with the intent to loop up to Pats eventually. Then tragedy number two hit. Chris found another rabid rock which took a nice bite of his radiator.

    Bah! Day ender.

    We limped Chris's bike back filling the radiator from his camelback and decided to call it a day. I have this whole circle of threes superstition and couldn't shake the feeling that Walker was determined to consume one more bike from our crew. Twenty six miles was a good morning ride as far as I was concerned. So we packed up and rolled out.

    At home, I unloaded my bike and found tragedy number 3. Blown fork seal.


    Ack! Despite the bike wounds, was actually a pretty fun day.

    Thanks for taking me out guys, hope everyones bikes heal quickly!
  2. everytime i hit walker I break something on my bike....

    cool pics!!

  3. i was up there saterday. luckily i didnt break anything. how does your buddy like the Husky? my friend just bought a 510. first crash bent up the radiator pretty good.
  4. He seems pretty into it, other than it doesn't seem to take spills very well. Guess he's ripped a lot of the OEM bolts out, but dude rides like a bat out of hell so I'm not surprised. That and he's not the best at routine maintenance.. Definitely a cool bike though, in my top 2 for next bikes.