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Want to go riding...

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Johnny-B, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Who wants to go for a when and where and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make least for another couple weeks.
  2. when do you take your big test?? You need to come back up here one last time before you start work!!

  3. I'll be in Seattle on the 26th and 27th and then in Tri-Cities the 28th-30th...then start work August 1st- Thank GOD!! I'm so sick of driving up 8 hours each way...once I start getting a decent paycheck we'll just fly everywhere!!! Maybe I'll have to buy a spare bike to leave in Tri-Cities for when we come up there. :mrgreen:
  4. John, gotta ride that you need to come up for, starts in hood river, ends in seattle....

    Whens good?

  5. I take my test tomorrow and then I'm gonna be rolling (with bike in the back) up to Seattle, and over to Tri-Cities but not sure where I'll be on what day. I'll know more after the test...I may just be in a drunken stupor we'll see.
  6. Keep me posted, it can start in tri-cities and be a single day loop as well, just feckin long. Starts in hoodie, goes north to randle, then up part of rainier, then back down 12 to dry-shitties.

    Danielle comin up too?

  7. k...awkward set of 3 year old posts to bring back, wonder if this was the very first thread for oregon riders? Sounds like it was when i was moving down here and was talking with some of my Spokane/Tri-Cities friends...hmmm.:scratchea
  8. ya some bonehead was trolling lastnight
  9. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    No worries...he's been banned :spoton: