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WARNING!!: Amboy / Chelatchie Prairie ROADWORK

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by holypiston, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. 503 section around Nick's bar area has TAR SNAKES. So before you drop down into there. be extra cautious. TAR SNAKES also just before the LONG Chelatchie Prairie straight section that ends near the Chelatchie gas station...the straight has no tar snakes (*lolz*)...but the corners before the straight...someone trying to send me a message? (that short area past the school w/ the nice turns). Also little bits of loose gravel at the bottom of the twisties near the 503 "T" where Jack's used to be (turn right to go to Cougar).

    I was NOT amused to see them Tar snaking. Reminds me of California roads now. Stuff is slick as shi*. I like to do a nice little rail by Nick's as i go by and had the front slip on a tar snake go around that corner.

    Be EXTRA careful w/ the tar snakes. The gravel isn't as bad (near the bottom towards Jack's)...most of it is thinned out at the bottom...the twisty bit is nice new pavement above that, so that is GREAT!!!
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  2. Those thin black "plastic looking" goo that they fill cracks in the road w/. VERY slick when hot.

    The road is much safer w/ a bunch of cracks innit (and perfect for your sumo) than a bunch of tar snakes.

    Seriously, who is the idiot who dreamt this up. da-ricki.

    I am shocked there hasn't been legal problems of some sort over this stuff. Someone will be bound to eat it on this stuff.
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  3. Where they patch seams and cracks in asphalt roads... when they are new they are SLIPPERY.
  4. The main issue with tar snakes is the difference in traction from asphalt. When you are turning and your tire goes from asphalt to a tar snake the tire will lose traction. The tire will then regain traction when it gets back on asphalt.
  5. Hmm. Don't think I've ever seen em before. Maybe ill head up the hill later and check it out.
  6. If you have driven you have seen them. They are the black squigly lines on the road ;)
  7. Oh wait. Ive ridden over those. At a pretty good clip too. Guess I'm lucky. Didn't know those were slick
  8. rode through there yesterday when they were putting some of them down... was slippin and sliding ALL OVER THE PLACE.

    from the intersection w/ lewis river rd up to eagle cliffs was all nice though.
  9. Guaranteed to be slippery when the temperature is around 80 or higher. Surprised me when I ran across a bunch of them on Hwy 970 just out of Cle Elum while coming back over from Cashmere a couple of weeks ago.
  10. I've laid these down. I call it crack seal.
    It is laid down at 400~ degrees, and then usually they spray it with something.
    The warmer it is, the more sticky it gets, usually not slippery :eek:?
    The colder it gets, the harder it gets.
    If they spray it so that it becomes hard like glass, then its always slippery.
  11. survey says... XXXXXX

    these things are slicker than geased owl s**t.

    (espicially when they're new)
  12. I rode through Amboy on Tuesday and was caught out twice by these slippery little suckers in the middle of two very slow corners.
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