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Washougal River Road Back Open to Through Traffic

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by FeralRdr, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Well Finally!

    As per the Clark County Public Works Web Site.
    If anyone is heading down the Gorge for any reason, this is a nice alternative to SR-14. At least until the freezing temps hit the area.
  2. its about freaking time!!!!

  3. Go steady though folks..........the new bridge is great but they took the opportunity to do some patching while they were at it.......... sketchy patches in some curves right now. :scared
  4. Took a ride out with Dave this fine overcast day and the roads out that way were overall just fine. WRR was in great shape and pretty clean. There was brown ice in a few corners on Sky/Hughes road, as well as on Salmon Falls Rd. The worst area was Canyon Creek Rd above the Park and Ride off of SR-14. However, that was the worst and wasn't too bad. Additionally, we figure that most of the leaves should be washed away after the next major rain storms.

    In any event, if you head out that way during a storm break, just stay alert and take it easy through there until your sure the corner is clear.
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