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Watch out!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by anderszx6r, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Purple Scion, Like a box. xB or something, Female driver in 30-40's, short hair.

    I was heading past Main street on 503 in battle ground, and I was in the lane that merges left, I was going about 40~. She was behind 2 other cars when the light changed, she swerved (no blinker) into the right lane and cut me off. I honked my horn and swung my left hand wide like "wtf!?".
    She looks in her rear view mirror, directly at me, and slams on the brakes. I almost hit her, but I was more worried about the van behind me that was squealing to a stop.
    She just sits there looking at me... Then inches forward a bit into the intersection slowly, so I passed her and showed her she is number one.

    She was out to get me!

    Any who just watch for her, she may try and kill you too.
  2. Next time get the license plate #.... we'll take care of it :thefinge:

  3. Lotsa craniorectum invertas out there! Glad she didnt get ya!
  4. Merge earlier next time, problem solved.
  5. My gf lives in bg, so I'm out here almost everyday, and encounter that shit more often than not. Everyone thinks its a race to be infront there, and its SOfuckingSTUPID.
  6. Merge into a line of stopped cars? Sounds great!
  7. Wait, so you're telling me a cager drove their car in a manner that could have caused you harm and then continued to drive?
    This is a very strange pattern I'm beginning to see.
  8. crackup:
  9. A sure way to make a bad situation worse is responding to other peoples carelessness. Ride like your invisible, expect car drivers to try to take you out, always be prepared and Don't acknowledge bad drivers. most of the time they don't even know they did anything. I never even look at other drivers when they do dumb sh*t. I just roll on and out. And for Heavens sake, Keep your hands on the bars!! Better to leave a bad situation than try to make it worse. Check out HAGA trying to give Biaggi some loving gestures. FWD to 1:12.
  10. :angry7: No, if a careless driver does something stupid without looking or realizing I'm there, and they don't even realize it, then they very much need to know so they can learn from it. Once around them and out of their path of carelessness, I'll always look back to get their attention and shake my head at them. Otherwise they'll think I was just some reckless person on a sportbike who came out of nowhere and they did nothing wrong. Most decent people will realize they were careless and feel stupid for it, and hopefully look better next time.

    Of course not everyone is decent. And the guy who carelessly ran me onto the shoulder between him and the concrete dividers, also started laying on his horn, flipping me off, and bouncing around in his truck like a freak'n lunatic after I got around him. He got more than a head shake, and I got out of there quickly so he could deal with his self inflicted road rage without me.
  11. Bow finger does work, but I find this works a little better...

  12. Was it Sizzling Crimson Mica or Murasaki? Scion doesn't have plain PURPLE and I don't want to fuck up the wrong car.

  13. She didn't NOT know i was there, she KNEW. She looked directly at me and STOPPED in the intersection because I honked.
    This wasn't.
    Oh shit im sorry!
    This was
  14. Shiny purple, darker purple. idk :[ Dark shiny purplez.
  15. Must be catching....Ive run into a Bitch purple Scion box driver several times on my commute to Hillsboro.
  16. Sounds like that new Train song..50 ways you died...killed by a crappy purple scion. Geeze..
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