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Waterproof Gear - MOTOPORT PANTS

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by jessicasdad, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Just had my first real test of my new Motoport pants this morning. Port Orchard to Bothell via the Southworth Ferry, a total of 46 miles on the road. Heavy rains the entire way, TONS of splashing water from the other vehicles and of course a LOT of standing water as well. Got into the office and NOT A DROP got through the over pants, arrived at work warm and more importantly DRY. Will post photos of them and will update this post as time goes on.
  2. I loved my motoports. And I think the really long and serious armor on the calf is why my calf bones and knee didn't also break in my accident so I'll vouch or their protection after an accident. No roadrash either but to tell the truth the only thing I might have slid on was the car hood I hit as when I landed on the ground I landed flat on my stomach (of which I didn't get any broken ribs or bruises, the only stuff damaged was on the side of me that hit the car).

    They also served me well for years commuting in the rain (but at worst it was a 20 minute commute so didn't test them too hard) as well as in the hottest part of summer (I live on the wet side). I liked them so much I had them make me another pair when I lost 90 lbs and the first set was too big (and btw they are true custom and could fit me when aero stitch could not).

  3. good to know, I tested my vikings riding from bainbridge to edmonds this morning. -fail- which model pants did you get? I must have some as soon as the money fairy can pay for them.
  4. I can't remember which model mine were. But they were the Kevlar model, no mesh.
  5. Received jacket last night and did my 40 plus miles to Bothell this morning ... 05:00 ferry from Southworth. Mesh Kevlar jacket with both the rain and thermal liners AND only a t-shirt underneath ... WARM and TOASTY all the way to the office .. the pants and jacket were ordered with the wrap around connection zipper option and together the fit and comfort is AMAZING !!!! I can not express how impressed and pleased I am with my purchase, and no it is not any small financial investment but it is well worth every penny (at least so far) soaking rains the last couple of weeks did not get to my legs at all.. and I suppose in the not too distant future the "waterproofness" will be validated as a full riding suit.

    anyone want to buy a Kilimanjaro 4 jacket ?
  6. Thanks J-dad, that is quite the punch in the wallet :)
  7. trust me .. I debated long and hard before purchasing. But I have to say that I am VERY HAPPY so far. This morning's commute was another jeans and t-shirt under the gear morning. Even some of the coldest mornings we have had so far needed nothing more than a long sleeve cotton t-shirt.
  8. Hey all,

    I'm curious if you still love these rain pants/gear and which specifically you rec?

    I too am an all year rider (barring ice). However, I've never had a decent pair of rain pants (always wet in the crotch at my destination.)

    What sucks is (when buying jacket and pants together) the jacket(s) are always fine! I have more jackets now than I need and no good pants. :(

    Pre-req (as if it's needed living in WA and riding in this weather)...

    - A inside leg heat shield would be great to avoid melting the gear to my ride.
    - Clearly they MUST be waterproof in the crotch! Most of my pants are waterproof everywhere but there. Now does that seem stupid?! :(

    *I ride across 90 and 520 so, not only am I doing freeway speeds for some time, I can easily get hit from a side burst of water. (have you been threw a carwash in them? ;) )

    Also, I ride a Sporty with a bobbed rear fender (no flames please) ;) so, I get a NICE rooster tail. Assuming my jacket does not hang low, the water pools under my arse, worsening the sponge pants

    - slipping on over my boots would be nice, but not horrible; I'm used to putting the pants on first then my boots. However, it would be nice for long hauls (getting caught at the worst times).

    - amour (not a must) but always nice, 'specially in less than dafe weather.

    Thanks for any help! :D
  9. Luckyadam12

    Luckyadam12 Honda Rider

    I would love a set, but holy crap it's expensive!!!
    Not to set a side topic, but another RC51?!?!?
    You should come out to the Wednesday ride!!!
  10. *cost, however, when you purchase multiple bad pairs only to get wet on each ride, UGH!. :| Makes you wish you'd forked over the doh initially.

    btw, What ride?
  11. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    Wednesday Night Ride
  12. DANG. I mapped it out... (assuming traffic is decent) it takes less time to drive from Seattle, to Tacoma and back up then take the ferry across. ;)

    If it were decent weather and I had time, that would be nice. BUT, it's a bit far after work to just get there. :|
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