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We just got back from Cafe Veloce..

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Max_&_Blondie, May 30, 2005.

  1. First time there and the chow was pretty good. The waiter said he's seen you forum critters in there often.. I really enjoyed the antique bikes and the posters and such. Nice day but cooling down as we returned.. bikes everywhere..might have been one or three of you I waved at on I-5 ??
  2. Hope to get there soon. KC told me about that place a while ago. We've been meaning to get down there. Thanks for the review!

  3. Reasonable prices, Italian beer (Biero Moretti) and we sat out in the patio area.. there's a music store a block away and there was an impromptu band playing.. all in all a pleasant lunch!

    There's a pawn shop nearby called "yuppie pawn" which was closed today, but I could see a large rack of decent looking bike jackets in there..and lots of used guitars, amps, etc, for Blondie to check out.. we're going to step in there next time ;-)
  4. I keep thinking of heading up there myself
  5. Good food, not too bad priced. When you ride in on your motorcycle, they give you ten percent off. There has been a few times they forgot to give us the discount, but instead they just give us free dessert.

    Cool place to meet up and take in if you've never been there.
  6. I use to commute past there every day. Got a kick out of "Yuppie Pawn". Perfect for Kirkland.
  7. The PNW Roadriders have an informal dinner get-together there every second Saturday. Good service, good food reasonably priced, and as Beans said; a 10% discount if you come on bike. It is a good place for a group meet as they take reservations. Just phone in a day ahead of tme and let them know how many to expect. The last time the Roadriders met there, we ate outside as the weather was nice. Our waiter was the owner's son. He told us how his parents live on Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham and he hears the motorcycles whiz by as they "Ride the Drive".
  8. Everyone I've met so far in PNW Roadriders are super nice, and they go on quite a few rides. I just get sad when I see the large amount of Ducatis and I then want one.
  9. Yeah, very good food, we just live up the hill from it so we go down every so often.
  10. anyone care to post up an address for this cafe?
  11. 12514 120th Avenue NE, Kirkland
  12. sweet...i'll have to go and check it out
  13. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    When I finish my 78 CB750 convert to cafe! I will have to ride over there. Just to check it out.
  14. What kind of condition is your CB in? I thought about converting mine into a replica vintage roadracer, but it is in too good, original condition.
  15. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Excellent cosmetically! But... the original owner scared the begeberze out of himself about 6 years ago. It has been parked ever since. It has great compression, no key, and doesn't run. The carbs are shot from sitting so long. And the motor had oil in it the entire six years. So I am giving here an excellent clean on the motor. Rebuilding the carbs. From there I will start converting her.
  16. Here is the website:

    Note which motorcycle they have at the top of their homepage. :lol: